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Polish idioms - rural people

NonaE 1 | 1
14 May 2011 #1

I am writing my thesis about agricultural environmental movements in Poland (mostly about anti-GMO and agricultural biodiversity movements). I had a really great month in Poland and one of the men I interviewed told me this PERFECT idiom that I want to use. However, the meaning was translated for me and my Polish is quite bad and I cannot figure out what it is. I would love to have the exact idiom - in Polish and with English translation. The translation I got was something like this:

"Rural people (peasants?) are good at gymnastics."

It was meant to say that rural people will always find a way, some way, to survive :)

If anyone could help me, or has any other good idioms about Polish rural life or farming I would really appreciate it!


boletus 30 | 1,361
14 May 2011 #2
As to the first question - I have no idea. It could be anything starting with "Chłop potrafi ...", as in "chłop potrafi kombinować".

As to the second one: you are lucky. Just search "przysłowia ludowe" (folk proverbs) and you will find thousands of web pages on the subject. For example, you might try: "Calendar of Proverbs - Proverbs, sayings and folk wisdom for every day of the year" for a start, []. This is in Polish only though.
Koala 1 | 332
14 May 2011 #3
"na chłopski rozum" springs to my mind.
OP NonaE 1 | 1
16 May 2011 #4
Thanks. It's a start. I wish I could find this idiom so much! So many idioms in Polish!

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