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Help needed with Polish Verb Conjugation

ironman2014 1 | -
10 Jan 2014 #1
I am trying to piece together this verb conjugation. I am learning Polish on my own and I am trying to figure out which verb classes go with which verbs as far as the endings and what not. Any help is appreciated, Thank you!
Uglywoman 3 | 75
10 Jan 2014 #2
Hi :) Each dictionary lists the conjugation classes slightly differently. A book that has some good explanations is Polish An Essential Grammar by Dana Bielec. It gives some conjugation classes and some verbs that have it, so you can kind of predict which conjugation a verb will have. I suggest that you conjugate all of the verbs in the lists :) Then you can take 301 Polish verbs and conjugate each verb based on what you think it is, from the conjugations you know. Then you can check it, you'll find some are exceptions or not what you expected, so you can check it, fix it, and do it again :) That's what I did xD

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