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Could you please help me to understand Oni vs One?

szveronika 4 | 10
4 Feb 2014 #1
Could you please help me to understand Oni vs One? I know Oni for group where are men or men+women, One for only women. What about animals, and things?
crochetbitch88 2 | 83
4 Feb 2014 #2
Things and animals would be "one" too.
Konie - one są w stajni.
Horses - they are in the stable

Książki - one stoją na półce.
Books - they are sitting on the shelf
5 Feb 2014 #3
understand Oni vs One

Both are for plural personal pronouns, in 3rd person.
"One" is used for persons of Female gender, or for all non-personal nouns of ANY Gender

Studentki. One czytaja duzo. (Female) students. They read a lot.
Gwozdzie. One sa w szufladzie - Nails. They are in the drawer.
Czolgi. One glosno sie poruszaja - Tanks. They move loudly.

"Oni" is used for persons of Male gender.
Strazacy. Oni gasza pozary. Firemen. They put out fires.
Rolnicy. Oni ciezko pracuja. Farmers. They work hard.
Siatkarze. Oni sa wysocy. Netball players. They are tall.
Space Cadet 1 | 19
15 Feb 2014 #5
In Polish there is only two genders: masculine-personal (męskoosobowy) and non masculine-personal (niemęskoosobowy).

Sailors, soldiers, teachers, managers, horsemen, engineers, national group, etc all fall under masculine-personal.

Everything and everybody else is non masculine-personal:
Women, children, cow, fish, books, trees, ghosts etc.
Szczerbaty 4 | 49
16 Feb 2014 #6
While studying Polish, we had a bit of a laugh that there is one group for men and another group for women, animals and things. Things that make you go "Hmmm."

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