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Help with song recognition about slonce

4 Jan 2017 #1
My great grandmother would sing a song when I was a child. She said she sang in as a young girl traveling across the ocean to America in the early 1900's. I don't know the Polish spelling or words but I can say parts of it phonetically from my memory.

It sounded like this:
Slonce haughi eza haughi
Afta myess mya byagu
Stradachicha kakachicha

Something like that. I would love to know what this song is.

Looker - | 1,134
4 Jan 2017 #2
I can only recognize this phrase

Slonce haughi eza haughi

Słońce wschodzi i zachodzi - correct Polish spelling

And I found this:
Glindaz - | 2
5 Jan 2017 #3
Yes I read your words and it seems to be closer to my phonetic recall. I will listen and let you know. Thank you for your help.

Thank you so very much. Amazing help. I am filled with excitement to hear this song for the first time since my Great Grandmother left us.

I would like to find the lyrics to this song in both Polish and English. Does anyone know where I could find that information? I would also like to hear other videos/audio of this same song please. Dziękuję.
Looker - | 1,134
5 Jan 2017 #4
I'm glad I could help :) It's a shame that the song quality is poor, and I think than I hear Russian mostly there, although not sure..

So is this the song your Grandmother was singing?

This is somewhat similar in those words 'Słońce wschodzi i zachodzi', but probably not the same song:
Glindaz - | 2
5 Jan 2017 #5
Yes I was a young child and she would sometimes sit with me and sing the song and tell me of being in a place that was dark and musty and she would tell me that she would look up at a small window that was too high to look out but she could see the sun coming up and the sun setting. I felt she was telling me she was a political prisoner. Later I thought she may have been talking about the ship. She was a young girl when she came to America with her sister. 16 yrs old I believe. I was young and where she was exactly was not clear to me and I didn't think to ask for clarification. I just figured she was a political prisoner in Poland. I believe they immigrated during the time that Russia and Germany totally took over Poland.

There have been signs of Russian influence in some parts of hers and my great grandfathers lives that we picked up on later. Words such as sobaka for dog or byuro for dresser.

Thank you. No that second one is a song that I recognize in English. Sunrise, Sunset. I appreciate your helps so very much though. It makes my heart happy to be able to listen to the song even though it is crackly. The song is the same as my heart remembers. I am hopeful I will find the lyrics in both Polish and in English so that I can teach the song to the young ones in the family.

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