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I need help with a best man speech in Polish!

chris1184 2 | 4
3 Sep 2013 #1
I am best man at my best friends wedding in two weeks and am completely stumped by the best man speech. Is there anyone out there that can help me with it? It has to be in polish and I've been in the States since childhood so my grammar/speech isn't perfect. I was wondering if anyone has a speech i can re-purpose and make my own. I would highly appreciate it!!! I started writing my own but so far it's not going as well as I thought it would....mainly on the lighthearted joke side.

Potrzebuje pomoc z przemowa na wesele. Jestem 1 druzba I nie mam zielonego pojecia jak napisac przemowe. Ras bylem pierwszym ale mi kolezanka z ktura nie mam kontaktu pomogla a pozatym nie moze byc ta sama bo kumpel tesz na tym weselu byl. Ma ktos przemowe ktora mogl bym sobie od pisac i pozmieniac? zaczlem troszke pisac ale nie za dobrze mi to idzie
3 Sep 2013 #2
Out of all the polish weddings i've been to 11 in the last 2 years there have never been any form of speeches at all relax just say sto lat and have done with it
OP chris1184 2 | 4
3 Sep 2013 #3
Yeah i mean i am not going to try to make it one of those sing songy rhyme speeches but id just like to do it buddy had some jokes etc. and would like to do just as good of a job as he did for me. I'm in Chicago and the last few weddings I went to the speeches were all pretty well thought out.
3 Sep 2013 #4
say that "tradtionally the best mans speech should last as long as the groom lasts at sex so cheers" and sit down
OP chris1184 2 | 4
3 Sep 2013 #5
haha i think i've heard that before lol

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