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Help with alphabet letters

Chesterfr 1 | -    
28 Dec 2016  #1

Hello, I hope someone can lend me a hand in my Polish Family Search. I have many old pictures and letters that I want to translate. I do not speak Polish although my Mother did and she is now passed on. I have no idea how to figure out what the letters are so translating is very hard. Can some one tell me the alphabet letters are in these two post cards? Or perhaps translate to English. I'm sure once I learn these alphabet letters I might have a better chance to translate the other items I have. Thank you so much. Sorry I cant seem to load the photo.

terri 1 | 1,354    
29 Dec 2016  #2

There are websites where each letter of the Polish alphabet is sounded. First, try to decipher the letters from each separate word that you can understand, someone may be able to get the others (if you cannot do so).
Chemikiem 5 | 1,084    
29 Dec 2016  #3

I cant seem to load the photo.

Try resizing it. It has to be less than 100 mb to upload a photo onto this site.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,106    
29 Dec 2016  #4

Sorry I cant seem to load the photo

Use photo hosting website and provide link here

less than 100 mb

less than 100kB?
Chemikiem 5 | 1,084    
1 Jan 2017  #5

less than 100kB?

Oops! Yes you're right, less than 100kb.

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