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What the hell is "zeczeto"?

citizen67 6 | 191
16 Feb 2013 #1
What does "zeczeto" mean? I can't work out what it means even in context.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
16 Feb 2013 #2
to start
it has started

or at least something along those lines.

btw. the spelling is incorrect.
OP citizen67 6 | 191
16 Feb 2013 #3

Yep, it makes sense.
crochetbitch88 2 | 83
16 Feb 2013 #4
What does "zeczeto" mean?

It's the impersonal form of verb "zacząć".
Normally verbs in Polish have a "built-in" information about the subject - zaczął (he started), zaczęliśmy (we started), etc; but not the impersonal ones. I'd translate "zaczęto" as It was started/It has been started - although it's not quite literal

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