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Good quality graded readers for Polish?

Yuna5000 3 | 2
9 Nov 2015 #1
Hi all!

For my German studies I've found a wide range of graded readers (most with audio recordings of the text) from Langenscheidt, and CIDEB primarily. CIDEB is amazing but to my horror they don't produce any products for the Polish language. :/

Ideally I'd like simplified versions of classic texts, but I'd be happy with pretty much anything to get started with. So any suggestions would be appreciated! (Just no ebooks...)

(Also, I haven't actually started studying yet, only just ordered a couple textbooks this week so please no Polish words in responses, my current knowledge ends at pierogi and golumpki. haha!)

Thanks in advance!
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
9 Nov 2015 #2
I sent you a private message earlier this morning. Did you get it? Curious as to how long you've been learning/studying German!

Stay in touch.
OP Yuna5000 3 | 2
9 Nov 2015 #3

I just responded to it in what is likely to be subpar German. I hope it's good enough to gleam some meaning from. haha
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
9 Nov 2015 #4
More than ok. Didn't even bother correcting the few pittling mistakes:-)

Powodzenia i bądź pilna!

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