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A good free online conjugator for Polish

Krzych 1 | 3
15 Feb 2011 #1

I am looking (by Yahoo search) for a Polish free online verbs conjugator, though I don't find one. I use ...wordreference.... but their conjugation has no Polish. Pity because it is a dictionary English-Polish--Polish-English, but only Spanish, and still 3 other languages are available to conjugate. So I wondered whether you could give me a good free online conjugator for Polish.


Leopejo 4 | 120
15 Feb 2011 #2

is an online dictionary with all verbs conjugated (and all nouns, etc. declined).

The website ( has lots of other, free, interesting materials, from a first year university course to a couple of grammars, etc.
OP Krzych 1 | 3
15 Feb 2011 #3
Hello Leopejo:

I tried to reply by 'quote' but don't know how and where to highlight it which is requested first, so I by this way of reply, say thank you very much for the link. I bookmarked it.

Thank you,


Hello Leopejo:

I tried another reply as well but always get a message I can't because 'edit' is on, I tried to finish it but it will not. What I still wanted to say and ask is that I went on the site, the dictionary page. Wrote "jest" in 'search' but I get no translation into English. Whatever I check in the search menu, I get nothing. Do you know why. I didn't see a conjugator link as well. Can you tell me where / how on the site I must do it inorder to get the wanted result(s)?

Thank you,

Leopejo 4 | 120
15 Feb 2011 #4
On you write jest in the search field (on the right side of the page) and press Enter. You get 23 results as it is often used in examples in the dictionary. The fourth result is być. Click on View Tables under być, and on the imperfective verb... być, and you get all the tables.
OP Krzych 1 | 3
15 Feb 2011 #5
Witam Leopejo:

Thank you very much for the detailed guiding. If I did understand you correctly, in every word that I look up, there's somewhere in the list the word 'być', which gives the conjugations. I always have troubles with the 4 Kasus in German, here in Polish I see it's even more. Maybe it's easier to understand in Polish than German? :))

I saw in "jest", the conjugation, this changes (I assume all words in Polish do??) in all the different modes of time. That'll be for my memory as difficult to remember as climbing the Himalaya for someone who isn't an alpenist...

Thank you, bye,

18 Feb 2011 #6
The verb "to be" ist irregular in nearly every language, save those with a "defective" verb such as Russian or Turkish.

In many ways, German is more syntactically complex than Polish, i.e word order and so forth, whereas Polish is far more morphologically intricate than German, for that matter, most extant European languages, with the exception of possibly Icelandic-:)
OP Krzych 1 | 3
20 Feb 2011 #7
Witam Lyzko:

Are we lucky in our Dutch irregular verbs also differs but not in such so significant way :) Well..., my memory might improve by learning these differences and difficult words (for me being Dutch speaking).

21 Feb 2011 #8
Yeah, Krzych. Only y'all forgot about the 'kopschip', oh-so simple for Dutch native speakers, yet more than a little tricky for us non-natives!

Trouwens hoe lang heb je Pools als geleerd? Ik heb Nederlands op de universiteit gestudeerd, maar zat langer in Polen dan in Nederland LOL

Dutch makes up for it's relatively transparent verbal system with a repetitvely tricky-looking spelling system.

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