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Good book with audio in Polish?

chi 1 | 33
7 Nov 2012 #1
Hello Polish learners :)
I am Polish and met somebody from the States in 2009. We became a couple and seem to be very happy together spending time with each other for most of the year... We are planning to spend the rest of our days as a couple...and I am trying my best to make him move over here...or at least share our time half-half between our countries. Both our jobs would not collide with such procedure. Anyways I actually am writing on my parents behalf... They would so like to be able to carry out at least a simple conversation with him but they do not speak English...:/ and I am too lazy and impatient to try to teach him Polish myself...:/ He knows some words and mentioned lately that he would like to try to learn Polish by himself.... Hooray!!!

So... since he is coming over for Christmas I just thought it would be nice to find a good book with audio or sth to start with...:) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE recommend something nice and reasonable!

Thank you in advance.

Kamila Polish - | 6
9 Nov 2012 #2
Hi, I recommend a book "Polish in 4 weeks". This book is very good. There is a lot of dialogues with a simple grammar explanation.

It is good vor beginners they are studying at home. He can also to listen a podcasts in Internet (for example:

irishguy11 6 | 157
9 Nov 2012 #3
I also got the same book with cd in Empik. It is okay, but the best way is to listen to podcasts that have english audio description. Also my wife's family were all able to be speak English, so it kind of made me to make more of a effort to listen to and learn Polish. I ask my wife to speak Polish to me, just a hour or so per day, and we have marked everything in the apartment in Polish.

The book and cd is fine, but if you speak to a actual person and listen to podcast's it gets easier.
OP chi 1 | 33
9 Nov 2012 #4
@ Kamila Polish and irishguy11,
Thank you very much for your response and advices... I'll check the recommended book out :)
I do try to teach him some words and as I mentioned before he knows quite a few words I've taught him up to now but I'd also like him to practise when he is away... :)

Thanks again.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
9 Nov 2012 #5
Chi, here is a link to the audiobook Librivox library in Polish:

One audiobook they have may be of particular interest to you because it is presented in both Polish and English. It is Adam Mickiewicz's "Sonnets from the Crimea"
OP chi 1 | 33
9 Nov 2012 #6
Thank you Des Essientes :)
28 Aug 2015 #7
My students (adults learning Polish as a second language) find "Polish for Dummies" as a great way to learn the language and get to know the culture.

Polish for Dummies isn't just a language book. Together with the essentials of Polish grammar and pronunciation, practical lessons teaching you phrases that make you sound fluent in Polish, it contains fun facts about Poland and Polish culture, handy references, tips, real-life dialogues, ways to speak Polish quickly, mini dictionary and tables with conjugations of most common Polish verbs. It comes with a CD containing over 30 dialogues that help you get used to spoken Polish and perfect your pronunciation.

You can read hundreds of great opinion about this book on the internet as this book is available in all major book shops worldwide (and on the internet, naturally).

Hope you will find it helpful.

Daria Gabryanczyk
flagellumdei - | 1
1 Sep 2016 #8
Merged: Polish For Dummies The Language Book

Hi Guys,

I' m Asil, from Türkiye.

I' ve searched for it but there is nothing. Just wanna ask that if there is anybody who studied this book anytime?

I'm thinking to get this book by but i am not pretty sure if it is worth for it.

Thx for comments from now on.
3 Sep 2016 #9

There are 97 reviews for this book on there, so maybe you should read through some of those. It scores 4.3 out of 5, so it appears to be a good choice.

I think it focuses less on the grammar and more on the conversational side from reading a few reviews, so it probably isn't too scary for an introduction to Polish language.
wildlifechorus - | 1
7 Sep 2016 #10
Merged: Good book to learn English to Polish

Hey everyone,

(My first post here) I need your help.

I need to learn at last some basic conversational Polish until December, since I'm going with my kochana to spend Christmas in Gdansk with her family.

I've been trying with a Polish to Portuguese (Portuguese is my native language) "travel" book, however I really need a book where the phonetical part is in English/Portuguese and not in Polish (because guys, sometimes I mess up with on how to pronounce some Polish letters).

Can you recommend me something? English to Polish phrase book would be nice. And would be my best option to at least be able to talk to her family without having her translating all the time.

Help :( (and thanks in advance)
7 Sep 2016 #11
You could try Berlitz Polish phrase book and dictionary. It's available on Amazon and Ebay, some editions also come with a CD.

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