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Polish & French Grammar/Vocabulary

myjustyna 6 | 33
20 Jun 2011 #1

Please introduce a downloadable book that teaches Polish Grammar in French, and another book that contains Polish vocabulary with French meanings. And if you have recommendations, please tell me.

Why doesn't anybody say anything? :(
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
21 Jun 2011 #2
that would be a Polish/french dictionary.
OP myjustyna 6 | 33
21 Jun 2011 #3
No, I don't mean a dictionary. There should be some vocabulary lists from basic levels to advanced ones which try to help boost vocabulary.
zinc 1 | 8
23 Jun 2011 #4
Polish learning resources are few and far between, I don't know of any french ones, but a google of "apprendre polonais" does give a few sites.

I'd recommend the first 'Hurra po polsku' book (which is purely in Polish) with a meeting with a tutor once a week.
I do a language exchange with a Polish tutor who lives in France, I can put you in touch with her if you like.
23 Jul 2017 #5

the one and only vernaculary ....

Have fun,

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