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Free online polish to english translation service?

9 Aug 2006 #1
Hi does anyone know of any free online polish to english translation service. The only one I keep getting through my google searches is poltran and its not good at all. It just makes no sense what so ever.
9 Aug 2006 #2
I think you've just found the best one here :). I know online services sux so if you are nice and your texts aren't long I'm sure you can get assistance here.
21 Aug 2006 #3
The one from seems by far best to me.

Only for words though, not chunks of text. The best one for that seems to be posting here and asking nicely :)
Aga76 - | 35
15 Mar 2007 #4

Stevie 1 | 25
16 Apr 2007 #5
Really? I think is AWESOME! Works so much better than (of course, the latter translates way more languages than Polish)

Whatever I look up on poltran that doesn't translate right, I check with Just do a search for whatever the word you want translated is. It helps a lot if you understand the different endings....but you can still search for the word regardless... :)
17 Apr 2007 #6 I used it to write my brother emails and to translate his.. its pretty good. and it has a ton of other stuff to check out if I remember correctly :)
27 Sep 2007 #7
28 Sep 2007 #8
Intelligent machine translation system Translatica this is far the best on-line polish to English translation service around, so much so that my wife's scientific Institute has just bought it to translate their English publications and then tidy them up afterwards.

It’s not perfect but very near as.
Deb - | 1
28 Nov 2007 #9
Thanks. I thought it was something like that. I am teaching a Polish guy english. Great fun when i don't speak Polish! Any tips you can give me would be appreciated.
bookratt 6 | 85
28 Nov 2007 #10
Try this, it can do English to Polish and the reverse, too:

A friend and I will be teaching English as volunteers at an orphanage soon. When we start doing it, I will let you know any tips that we find helpful.

Our students are young and most know just a few words of English, some none. I just arrived here 2 months ago and know only the basics of "survival Polish" like hello, yes, no, goodbye, please, thank you, help, etc.

My friend is taking beginning Polish classes and her husband is Polish, so she knows lots more than I do.

She has already started an intro class, to see where the students are in levels/ability.

Let me know if you need help as you go along. We'd be glad to help.
piotr peter
5 Mar 2008 #11
hey peeps I’m going out with a polish guy and needed help he speaks good English and has taught me basic polish but I want to learn more so I can be more fluent rather than looking on the internet I think I will have to buy software, as the internet does not pronounce the words back to me. Can any one recommend a good one.
9 Jun 2008 #12
ulicnyie drammy.. means?
6 Sep 2008 #13 language translator is good
6 Dec 2009 #14
Check Lexitools database

Most up to date and practical free online translation service.
katarina - | 17
6 Dec 2009 #15
25 Mar 2010 #16
ok..well a polish online friend keeps saying this to me..she says there is no english word..but i wonder if someone would help us get close..i like the idea anyway..she said..its affection great..robaczku can anyone help?
landora - | 197
25 Mar 2010 #17
she said..its affection great..robaczku

she calls you a "little worm" :D
frd 7 | 1,399
25 Mar 2010 #18
yeah or "wormy", but it's a very sweet way of saying it, like a chaffing couple or parents refering to their little kid.

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