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Free Polish Lessons On-line, looking for websites?

annemb 3 | 10
22 Jan 2011 #1
Hello, I would like to start learning Polish, and I'm preparing myself for a holiday trip to Poland, and participation in a Polish course in Cracow, but I was wondering, maybe you know some websites with free samples of Polish lessons, materials or books to study Polish?

Thanks in advance!
malwinaflower 1 | 11
22 Jan 2011 #2

I teach Polish and I used many books and materials; I could advise you to check out the book I used with my students:

Here are some sample lessons, and of course if you liked the book, you could buy it via the Internet.

Best regards and good luck with your Polish!

P.S. Why did you choose Cracow?
OP annemb 3 | 10
29 Jan 2011 #3
Hello, thank you for your help, I've tried both: the sample lessons from Polski Krok Po Kroku, and I registered at few days ago. I've found the latter the most helpful and I'm still using the demo versions, but I think I'll buy further lessons.

I also started to use the e-polish forum, I've talked to Polish teachers. It's also very helpful.

Thank you once again for your recommendations.
How did you know about these websites?

Regards, annemb.
malwinaflower 1 | 11
29 Jan 2011 #4
The book Polski Krok Po Kroku was written by one of my friends, who works in Cracow's school of Polish. I use this book with my student, I've just started to teach Polish.

I think it's very well-written, you can also find out about many cultural aspects, e.g. food.
The main difficulty at the beginning is that the book is written only in Polish, so you might need some help.

I'll repeat the question :-) Why did you choose Cracow to participate in a Polish course?
OP annemb 3 | 10
30 Jan 2011 #5
Why did you choose Cracow to participate in a Polish course?

Oh, I've heard that Cracow is very beautiful. Besides, I have few friends in Cracow, and I also want to visit them during my journey.

book Polski Krok Po Kroku

The sample lessons are interesting. Where does your friend work? Which school?
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
30 Jan 2011 #6
Polish in 4 weeks (the blue-white one, level 1) is the best book I have seen. And it's cheap.
frdalloway 1 | 19
30 Jan 2011 #7

I know this website from my Polish course - it was recommended to us by our teachers.
I was learning Polish in Cracow, this city is a very good choice for someone who is interested not only in the language, but also Polish culture, history and tradition.
OP annemb 3 | 10
30 Jan 2011 #8
SzwedwPolsce: are there any sample lessons or free exercises in the Internet from the book you've recommended?

frdalloway: where did you learn Polish? which school? I'm just about to decide on where to learn Polish...

Thank you for all your answers!
frdalloway 1 | 19
5 Feb 2011 #9
Hi, sorry for the delay :-)

I participated in Polish course in Glossa School in Cracow. Here's their web page if you want: glossa
I had a great time during my stay in Cracow, not only because the lessons were interesting, but also because the social plan was very entertaining. A lot of workshops, pub evenings and trips.

If you want to know more about this school, you can send me a personal message, I'll answer all your doubts and questions :-)
OP annemb 3 | 10
6 Feb 2011 #10
Thank you very much! I've checked their webpage, the course seems to be interesting, and the price of the course quite rational.
The social plan also seems very entertaining, as you've mentioned :)

If I had any questions, I would e-mail you. Thank you for all your replies!

Anna86 - | 7
15 Mar 2011 #11
Wow! Authors of e-marketing handbooks should use this conversation....The name of the chapter: Brand advocates. Common mistakes to be avoided.
Perfect example!
Lesson to remember: People are not dumb.
JonnyM 11 | 2,611
15 Mar 2011 #12
Lesson to remember: People are not dumb.

Exactly. One person having a 'conversation' with themself to promote a business like glossa which sounds increasingly dodgy!!
swissi 7 | 24
4 Jan 2017 #13

Looking for Polish language lessons for free.

I'm looking for someone who is willing to give me some Polish language lessons for free via Skype.

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