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Experience or opinions of The Travel Linguist?

Raph 1 | 1
11 Jul 2010 #1
I've had an interest in learning Polish for some time. My Paternal Grandmother's side of the family is Polish, and I would love to visit Poland someday! Where I've lived, over the years, has not allowed me to find a tutor, or take a class. (I know this would be the optimal way for me to learn.) However, I came across this video, and was wondering if anybody had experience with this learning tool? Its on Amazon for around $20, and seems like it might be an alright start to learning pronunciation, and basic phrases. Thanks in advance for replies!

davlaurjen - | 7
20 Jul 2010 #2
As an "advanced learner" of Polish,I would recommend these lessons as suitable for a complete beginner.There are many other free resources on polishforums and other web-sites.(Byki is another.)Try to listen to as much spoken Polish as you can.It would be great if you could practise with a native speaker.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
20 Jul 2010 #3
I guess it's weak when it comes to grammar.

But it all depends what "kind" of learner you are, and what your goals are.'

As the name suggests, it's probably basic language for people who want to travel in Poland.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
21 Jul 2010 #4
what about the experience of the cunning-linguist?

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