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Easy texts to practice Polish sentences/reading/vocabulary?

devilslayer 1 | 11
8 Nov 2017 #31


I'm new here but here are a few suggestions to help with reading practice with audio.


I have these books myself, though I have only read a little of them. I have only just started to try to learn Polish recently.

The good thing with this website is that you can download the audio files for each book and also a sample of each book (which contains about 1/3 of the book).

2. 100 stories

The realpolish website is run by a native pole Piotr and the 100 stories series gives you the stories from two perspectives / viewpoints. (1st and 3rd).

3. You could also try Steve Kaufmans LingQ (not free), however if you are computer savvy you can achieve the same for free using:

a. Learning with texts -
Help with installing -

b. Foreign Language Text Reader -
This is a Java program and therefore will run on any computer with the Java Virtual Machine installed (which most have).

Both these tools above require that you have your own text available. Which you can grab from YouTube video transcripts, Polish new sites with videos. You could also join the LingQ site with a Free account and just grab the content that he has ammased to use with these FREE programs.

4. Read Lang (Też, nie gratis) -

This is a reader that works in a web browser and allows you to go to a Polish website and read the text. Just click on the words you don't know and it shows the English (or whatever your native language is) translation.

Hope this short post is helpful to somebody.


KoszalinChris - | 5
9 Nov 2017 #32
Hi Dave,

I've just had a quick look at the plethora of resources you've pulled out of the bag.

Thank you very much! I appreciated you and all the other members of the forum taking the time to point me in the right direction.

devilslayer 1 | 11
10 Nov 2017 #33

I have only just come across this one, they are a bit dated but contain text and audio for 100's of languages, including Polish:

Haven't looked at it in great detail but the FSI course seems OK.

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