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Difficult verb pairs in the Polish Language; iść-chodzić, jechać-jeździć

mafketis 16 | 5,583    
26 Nov 2016  #31

This the general idea? The former would seem to me to be imperfective, the latter perfective.

Think of it this way, there are regular imperfective verbs and then there are super-imperfective verbs. iść is regular imperfective and chodzić is super-imperfective. Most of the time the distinction isn't possible or isn't important but when it is.... it is.

There is no similar sub-division of perfective verbs that I'm aware of.

Lyzko 17 | 4,443    
26 Nov 2016  #32

@Dominic and Mafketis, again, many thanks!

Only to reiterate, this has been for me much like explaining Dative and Accusative cases along with transitive/motion vs. intransitive/rest to my students of German:-)

It takes while NOT to confuse concepts.
gumishu 11 | 4,826    
27 Nov 2016  #33

No. They are both imperfective. Actions in progress cannot be perfective. I explained this above.

that's why perfective verbs don't have present tense forms only past and future
Lyzko 17 | 4,443    
27 Nov 2016  #34's also why certain verbs have either ONLY one form, perfective, OR imperfective, and NOT both!! Most verbs though are paired.

Home / Language / Difficult verb pairs in the Polish Language; iść-chodzić, jechać-jeździć
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