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The difference between lubić and podobać się in Polish?

kgoess 8 | 11
12 Mar 2011 #1
Could someone help me out with the difference between lubić and podobać się? (I hope I'm getting that right)

For example:

- Podobają mi się czarne buty.
- Mężczyzna lubi jabłka.

They seem kind of the same to me, not sure where the essential difference lies.

tygrys 3 | 295
12 Mar 2011 #2
Depends on what item you are talking about.

Lubi jabłka - likes apples, (as to eat)
You normally don't say "podobaja mi sie jabłka" because that would mean "I like the way they look"
"Lubię czarne buty" - I like black boots
Podobają mi się czarne buty - I like black boots because they are pretty, I like the way they look

So, "lubić" - "like"
"podobać się" - "I like because it's pretty"
Leopejo 4 | 120
12 Mar 2011 #3
Polski bez problemu! intermediate has the following to say:

The verb podobać się (to appeal) is used to refer to people, things and places which make a positive aesthetic impression on the speaker. In contrast to the verbs lubić and kochać, these do not necessarily evoke emotions, but they relate to the subjective opinion of the speaker, e.g.:
Podoba mi się ten obraz, bo ma piękne kolory. - This picture appeals to me, because it has beautiful colours.
Podoba mi się ten mężczyzna, bo jest przystojny. - This man appeals to me, because he is handsome.

OP kgoess 8 | 11
12 Mar 2011 #4

Wow, I wasn't even close to guessing that. Trippy! Thanks!

And my wife points out it's like the Spanish:

Me gustan los zapatos negros.

which is "They please me, the black shoes." I hadn't noticed that podobają was in the 3rd person plural, so it's talking about the buty, not about me.

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