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Difference between że and iż ?

Xnietzsche 2 | 4
1 Dec 2014 #1
Please, does someone can help me to identify the difference between this both words?
1 Dec 2014 #2
They are pretty much the same. 'iż' seems to be more old-fashion or formal version of 'że' and it isn't used much these days (unless in literary works). When speaking, a Polish person isn't going to use 'iż' at all; they will always use 'że' instead.
27 Jan 2015 #4
"Iż" actually is being used a lot in modern polish. Since we shouldn't repeat words in one sentence we use both of them to make text look neat.


Mama powiedziała, Tato juz wie, że obiadu nie będzie.
7 Apr 2015 #5
There is no difference! "Iż" is more snobish:) if you want to look wiser say "iż";)

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