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Declining a number. Polish declination grammar.

22 Dec 2017 #1

I paid for a Polish translation and have an issue with a sentence in it. Frustratingly, the translator rendered the following sentence thus:

"Czy Mel Brooks stworzył postać Agenta 86 po spotkaniu z Tobą?"
Meaning in English: "Did Mel Brooks get the inspiration for Agent Eighty-Six after he met you?"
The immediate problem with the translation is that the character is speaking, so "86" is useless to me since one cannot speak digits.

I am having the very devil of a time trying to render that number in spoken form.
Thus, my question:

I have gathered that "Agenta" is the accusative-masculine form. How would I render ossiemdziessiąt sześć in the accusative-masculine? Or, if "Agenta" is not, in fact, the accusative-masculine, what case is it, and what form would ossiemdziessiąt sześć then take?

mafketis 24 | 8,879
22 Dec 2017 #2
I paid for a Polish translation and have an issue with a sentence in it

You should probably contact the translator. I'm always glad when clients aske me about details I might have gotten wrong (it happens to all translators) and if the translator is a real professional they should be glad to help fix the problem.
kaprys 3 | 2,466
22 Dec 2017 #3
It's just 'agenta osiemdziesiąt sześć'.
OP HGoshorn
22 Dec 2017 #4
Cześć, Mafketis.

Well, after I received the final two translations I had another question relating to a French language issue. I asked, and a week later they have not responded in any manner :( They are not likely to get any further business from me as a result.

So, in this case I am looking for an answer on my own as likely any question I ask will go ignored.

Ah, thank you, Kaprys.
Lyzko 25 | 7,016
23 Dec 2017 #5
Numeralia in Polish were a positive nightmare for me in the beginning, much I suppose are our myriad tenses for Poles and others:-)

Still now, when I'm posting numbers here in Polish, certainly if writing a formal e-mail to Poland, I'm not ashamed to admit that I continue to have to consult my Szober "Gramatyka jezyka polskiego" for reliable assistance, or my Swan!
BumSkillet 10 | 11
28 Feb 2018 #6
Here's at least some stuff for feminine numbers (presented in that large list):
Otherwise, it should still be osiemdziesiąt sześć for accusative masculine.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,258
28 Feb 2018 #7
Really? You would never say 'widziałem osiemdziesiąt sześć męźczyzn' despite it being an accusative masculine.

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