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Correct grammatical use of mogę and mógłbym?

Forest625 2 | 5
27 Jan 2015 #1
I am currently learning polish and right now when I learn phrases I feel like I am memorizing them and not learning proper grammar. For instance, "Czy mogę poprosić menu?" and "Czy mógłbym poprosić trochę wody?" both translate to May I have a menu and May I have some water?

What is the difference between mogę, mógłbym, and other variations? Or is there a difference?
Looker - | 1,095
28 Jan 2015 #2
It means the same basically. Not much difference. I'm not an expert, but for me it's like mogę?=can I? and mógłbym=I wish I can.

Still, better not to dig up too deep in Polish language - it may only arise confusion ;)
Ziutek 9 | 160
28 Jan 2015 #3
mogę = may I, can I?

Mogę poprosić o menu? = May I ask for the menu?

Mógłbym = would I be able to? The use of the conditional here just adds an additional note of politeness.

Mógłbym poprosić o menu? = Would I be able to ask for the menu? More colloquially: "Could I possibly have the menu?"

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