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Classical statements of love, in Polish

Chrysalis 5 | 30
20 May 2011 #1
I've posted some comments here about the amazing relationship I have with a smart, sweet, and beautiful woman who moved to my country from Poland. Years later we met and have fallen in love. Despite some cultural differences between her family and mine, some of which I do not like, I accept them and am planning to marry this woman. She is excited about the situation and cannot wait for me to propose.

Hence this post: I am here to ask for the help of PF once again. I am going to have the inside of the engagement ring laser-engraved with some short phrase of around 25 characters in length. I would like to know, what do you think would be a classical Polish phrase?

I'd most like something very old. Something patriarchal. She has a professional career and I support it, but she is not at all feminist. On the contrary, she is feminine. I ask that folks not get sidetracked by the politics on this and instead share with me your deep knowledge of Polish love and culture.

My intent is for this phrase to recognize and honor her heritage, yet also to underline that she will be my wife forever and subject to traditional vows of marriage. Hence that this phrase should be old, strong, and patriarchal. Something that a very feminine, Polish woman would value because she wants her man to be both masculine and culturally refined.

I would prefer not to suggest an English phrase for translation. Instead I would like to see something from the roots of Old Poland, untarnished by my native language.

Thank you.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
20 May 2011 #2
classical is just names plus the date.
If you want something more unambiguous then perhaps "Załóż z powrotem" (put it back on)
OP Chrysalis 5 | 30
20 May 2011 #3
Ha. I hope your life gets better, man.

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