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Caring/loving words in Polish?

7 Jan 2007 #1
I've learnt some adjectives like najmilszy, najlepszy, jedyny, and I know slonko, sloneczko to call my Polish boyfriend. Can anyone suggest please any other caring words I could use instead of traditional and oh so overused Honey or Baby? Some words,translated literally, of course won't sound appropriate to call someone in Polish, I've tried.thanks very much!!

BTW, Ivona synthesiser is very helpful!!
Eurola 4 | 1,900
7 Jan 2007 #2
moj najdrozszy, moj ukochany, kochanie moje, kotus, koteczek, misiaczek, tylko ty misiaczku, moje szczescie :)
7 Jan 2007 #3
hi eurola

can you translate these into english please
i know kochanie is darling.........and thats about it!!

krysia 23 | 3,058
7 Jan 2007 #4
moj najdrozszy, moj ukochany, kochanie moje, kotus, koteczek, misiaczek, tylko ty misiaczku, moje szczescie

"My dearest, my love, kitty, little kitten, little teddy bear, only you little teddy bear, my happiness"
Eurola 4 | 1,900
7 Jan 2007 #5
Te two first ones - my dearest, my beloved,
kotus, koteczek come from a cat - meaning warm and cuddly,
misiaczek is a teddy bear like, only you my teddy bear, again something loved, cherished...
moje szczescie - my happiness.

I can add "tygrysik" as baby tiger...:) and, which man does not want to be called a tiger!

I know it may sound odd in english, but no polish men would mind any of the words.
OP WannaLearn
9 Jan 2007 #6
Thank you very much!
Would calling him Moj Drogi be good too?
Or Skarbie? Btw, where does the stress go in Skarbie- Ivona says it tooo fast.

Oh yeah, and when you say Moje is it "mUye" or "mOye". Cos my boy said it is U, but Ivona says more like O.
Eurola 4 | 1,900
10 Jan 2007 #7
You would say Skarbie. Moj drogi is always nice. :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
11 Jan 2007 #8
"moje" sounds like moye
"mój" is muy
so when you have an ó like this, it will sound like u
11 Feb 2007 #9
Does misiaczek refers only to a male teddy bear? If yes, how would it be for a female teddy bear (I mean for a girl, of course) ?
forgetmenots 4 | 77
11 Feb 2007 #10
KmnR it seems to be that "misiaczek" fits both to male and female, but you can also feel free to use a little different word "MISIA" which is reserved for female teddy bear only :)
13 Feb 2007 #11
I'll never speak Polish. It breaks my teeth.
sly pies
18 Feb 2007 #12
Best to learn Polish after a couple of drinks, I lived there for 16 yrs and struggled to pronounce until I learned to relax my tongue. The sounds are somewhat hard and harsh to some ears but the technique of saying them requires a soft tongue and mouth
sledz 23 | 2,248
18 Feb 2007 #13
Best to learn Polish after a couple of drinks

Thats it!!!!! What have I`ve been thinking all these
13 Mar 2007 #15
Say some words that which i like to add when i speak to my loving Husband
Big Rob - | 70
13 Mar 2007 #16
Such as? Very, Very personal or general? Context is needed!
Firestorm 6 | 400
31 Mar 2007 #17
Since nobody mentioned this one. I will.

Zajaczek = Lil Bunny
20 Sep 2007 #18
polish sounds hard untill a caring cutie girl (like mine :):) injects it into your ears in those quiet silent moments, you will become addicted to it :) Kotka, te amo:):)
espana 17 | 948
20 Sep 2007 #19
where you from marianito or mariano ?
20 Sep 2007 #20
buziaki... what does that mean?
22 Sep 2007 #22
thanks :)
spider - | 3
7 Oct 2007 #23
your the first in my heart ang also your the last

pls translate for me !

also i wanna know !

i hate you because u stolen my heard
i hate you because i love you so mutch

what papuska mean ?
7 Oct 2007 #24
your the first in my heart ang also your the last

jestes w moim sercu pierwsza i ostatnia (if its for woman)
jestes w moim sercu pierwszy i ostatni (if its for man)

i hate you because u stolen my heard

kocham Cie bo skradlas moje serce (for woman)
kocham Cie bo skradles moje serce (for man)

i hate you because i love you so mutch

nienawidze Cie poniewaz tak bardzo Cie kocham (no sense for me here, sounds gay)

what papuska mean ?

probably bye bye
some kind of childish way to spell it

my ex called me "robaczku" ^^
spider - | 3
7 Oct 2007 #25
GUY xaxaxaxa nop anyway thenks a lot .....i really respect that ! soon i have more questions ! :)
S_D - | 2
10 Oct 2007 #26
hey there

how would i say " you have my mind now do u want my heart?" in polish



your so special to me i hope you can see that ill dream after dream of you loving me


it feels so strang that these feelings can be. to be touched so deeply by someone i have yet to see. my mind is a blur of what could be .. all i keep seeing is you next to me.. whatever the out come one thing i must say you touched my life in the most magnificent way .. for this i always be thankful to you .. but for now ill be wishing that my dreams will come true.

i know its a lot but it would mean alot if any1 can help


p.s yes i have it bad lol
natalka - | 46
10 Oct 2007 #27
can someone tell me how to say...

you're lovely :)

to a male ^_^

thank you :)
10 Oct 2007 #28
you're lovely :)

'jestes kochany'
'jestes przekochany' (more intense)
natalka - | 46
10 Oct 2007 #29
thank you ^_^

...and i have one more question...
is it normal for a guy to say "kisses"
after he's writing an email to you?
does it mean more than just "byebye" ?
(i hope :)

and how would you say that ;)
(it seems like there is somthing more that just the literal translation found in the dictionary)

thanks again :)
10 Oct 2007 #30
i think that it's something more then 'bye'... lucky girl.... ;D

kisses - 'buziaki' or 'calusy' or 'caluski'


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