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Best website to learn Polish from

mochadot18 15 | 241
19 Jul 2012 #1
I really want to learn Polish I was wondering if anyone could give me a good website to use I want something interactive or something that talks as I dont know much right now so do not know all the sounds to be making.

Thank you
aix123 - | 2
19 Jul 2012 #2
I'd be interested to know as well! Or if anyone can recommend a good home-study course for a complete beginner.

teflcat 5 | 1,032
19 Jul 2012 #3
Hurra! Po Polsku 1 is a pretty good book, but you need a teacher to be able to use it. I don't know of any good self-study materials.
Haniaa 1 | 9
19 Jul 2012 #4
you can try this:

it's useful for learning all phrases, there is just a sample, the source is a bit limited, but still you can at least chalange yourself with Polish pronunciation:)
19 Jul 2012 #5
And one more, but without pronunciation:

you can as well try this, just paste the word pronunciation you are looking for:
aix123 - | 2
20 Jul 2012 #6
Thanks for your posts and suggestions, much appreciated. (even though I sort of hijacked this thread). They're really useful to me.
OP mochadot18 15 | 241
21 Jul 2012 #7
Agreed thank you everyone and if you find anything else post it : )
markbonner - | 1
22 Jul 2012 #9
You can also try busuu. Great website for learning a variety of languages including Polish.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,840
22 Jul 2012 #10
and livemocha is excellent not only for Polish, you can interact with native speakers.
17 Sep 2012 #11
31 Jan 2017 #12

Learning Polish. Flashcard Type Sites Available For Free?

Hi guys, when I have some downtime I would like to try out some fun sites to help me learn Polish. Well not really to learn but just to kinda revise what I have learned. I remember one time seeing a site that was quite good where there were 4 pictures and you had to click which one was the Phrase but I cant seem to find it on the site. I tried to have a look in the thread that has all the Polish learning material however there is so much stuff in there going back to 2009 that unfortunately a lot of them no longer work so I am trying to take a shortcut and just ask for people favorites sites or sites they know are fun.

I just want something quite fun just for revision hence the reason I am looking a free site. I would be extremely grateful if anybody has any sites they could share.

Thanks ever so much.
1 Feb 2017 #13
@mochadot18 without doubt the best free resource is duolingo
freekarol 4 | 6
8 Aug 2017 #14
@newyorkpolish: These are the best free flashcards I found:

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