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Applying for a Polish football website - translation question?

WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
10 Sep 2015 #1
Hi folks. If someone could help me out.

I am making an application on a football website and there is one part of the form that confuses me.

Here's the link to the form:

Below, underneath the first translation of the Everton player, it has link to 3 different articles, one in Spanish, one in German and one in Italian. It also says

do wyboru jeden z trzech (jeśli nie znasz żadnego z języków, możesz wesprzeć się tłumaczeniem na angielski)

I am interested in the part in bold. What are they saying, that if I don't speak any of the 3 languages, I can just concentrate on the first translation I did about the Everton player, in to English, or are they saying I can translate one of the 3 texts in to English first and then in to Polish? Not sure, slightly confused.

Anyone please?
Ziemowit 14 | 4,258
10 Sep 2015 #2
You are Wielki Polak plus in your profile you say that you speak Polish, so why can't you understand the part in bold?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
10 Sep 2015 #3
In his defence, he's British and the child of Polish parents (and has never lived in Poland), so he's always going to find some things to be utterly weird even if he speaks the language.
OP WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
10 Sep 2015 #4
I understand the sentence itself but I don't know what it's getting at.

Even if it was written in English I wouldn't understand it. 'If you don't understand any of the 3 languages, feel free to support yourself with a translation in to English.' What do they mean? I can take one of the texts, translate them in to English and then in to Polish?

Thanks for being critical rather than helping by the way.
gumishu 15 | 6,184
10 Sep 2015 #5
What do they mean?

they probably mean google translation into English
OP WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
11 Sep 2015 #6
That's what I assumed. Thanks for confirming.

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