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Worst leader of the PUWP?

Rain33 14 | 19
15 Jul 2011 #1
I got the idea for this thread from Pennboy, who started a thread about the greatest Polish king in history. So, I thought talking about Poland's communist years would provoke some interesting discussion and insight. So, here it goes. Who, in your opinion, was the worst party leader of the PUWP and why?

Bolesław Bierut
Edward Ochab
Władysław Gomułka
Edward Gierek
Stanisław Kania
Wojciech Jaruzelski
Mieczysław Rakowski
Marynka11 4 | 677
15 Jul 2011 #2
None of them was a leader. They were all Russian puppets.

But if I have to pick the worst, I would say Gierek is the one who took most most credits (and spend them on consumption). Paying back the credits slowed down the country's growth after the Round Table. And Bierut has the most blood on his hands.

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