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World War II Stories by Polish survivors

ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
18 May 2010 #1
World War II stories (?)

Rita Cosby talks about her father.......

Most survivors are in their 80's and up. Would love to hear their stories.
tuzin 1 | 14
18 May 2010 #2
Maybe this also would interest you:
internaldialog 4 | 144
18 May 2010 #3
i clicked on this due to interest and realised i have it bookmarked my grandfather was in the 300 Dywizjon Bombowy "Ziemi Mazowieckiej" or in English 300 Polish Squadron (Mazowiecki)
johnny reb 50 | 7,394
8 May 2015 #4
Merged: Celebrating V - Day in Poland & Sharing Memories

This only happened 70 years ago.
The older Polish and Jewish people have so many memories and first hand stories.
I can't begin to fathom the 60 to 80 million people that died because of it.
Are their any older Poles here that can share a first hand story with us ?
World wide is taking a moment of silence today (and tomorrow for some) in memory of all who suffered and
gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We are so blessed to have missed that era.
Thank you Lord for all those who sacrificed for our freedoms.
I ran across this story today on AP of a holocaust survivor.
13 May 2015 #5
I have something my grandfather wrote about fall 1939 during the Soviet invasion in the Stanislowowa region. I am wondering if anyone who knows a lot about what happened can check it to see if it is fact or fiction.

Thank you

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