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I would talk to you about our King WŁADYSŁAW WARNEŃCZYK

Crow 160 | 9,545
17 Aug 2008 #1
There was a true King, true nobleman, true Sarmatian. His name was W£ADYS£AW WARNEŃCZYK.

Zasługi polskiego króla Władysława III Warneńczyka (1424-1444) dla Bałkanów

Tytuł królewski

Wladislaus, Dei gracia rex Polonie, Hungarie, Dalmacie, Croacie, Rascie, Bulgarie, Sclavonie, nec non terrarum Cracovie, Sandomirie, Lancicie, Syradie, Cuyavie, Lythuanie princeps suppremus, Pomeranie, Russieque dominus et heres etc.

King Wladislaw of Poland gave His honorable life in battle of Varna in attempt to save Southern lands from Ottoman Turkish hordes. During battle, when King`s advancing cavalry was overrun with enemies, the fanatical Turkish assassin Kodza Hazar grab the opportunity and cut off the Wladislaw's head, take it and sent it to his master - the sultan. King`s loyal companion and himself also great and famous Sarmatian- Sibinjanin Janko of Serbia, also known as Janos Hunyadi of Hungary tried to save King`s body at least but, unfortunately failed: "... he strove to rescue the royal body, till he was overwhelmed by the tumultuous crowd of the victors and vanquished ...".

The head of our young King became a great attraction in the capital of Ottoman empire. Muslim women and children sang songs, danced and praised Allah at the sight of his decapitated head.

Warenczyk of Poland

Let eternal soul of our King Wladyslaw Warnenczyk rest in peace, Southern lands won`t fall and glory of Sarmatia shell live!
Babinich 1 | 455
17 Aug 2008 #2
May God bless you...

“To escape is impossible, to surrender is unthinkable. Let’s fight with bravery and honor our arms!” - Janos Hunyadi's proclamation before the Battle of Warna.

Thank you for the post!
OP Crow 160 | 9,545
26 Aug 2009 #3
in a time when almighty money rules us all,... still, there are values that are worth to be remembered. That`s why Wladyslaw Warnenczyk must be mentioned,...

If some Pole, from the `modern day` perspective, look at the example of Warnenczyk and his sacrafiction on Balkan, he can possible conclude that Warnenczyk died far from Poland, that his death didn`t serve to the Polish people, to Polish interests. So, in advance i say- Warnenczyk exactly died for Poland in attampt to prevent and reppel invasion on Polish soli, Polish realm and Polish interests.

Yes, Polish interests. Believe me, there was time when there were Polish interests and when Poland was able to hit hard if somebody endanger those interests.

One more thing. As we know Polish realm changed thru ages. Somehow, Polish realm is today smaller then it was in time of Warnenczyk. Once, even before Svatopluk`s Great Moravia was created, Polish cultural (old Slavic, from a Polish language speaking area) and economic (amber trade rutes) influences reached Balkan and Black see coast via Pannonia. It is said that Pannonia even got name by the title (Pan) of ancient Polish warlords.

So, considering that old Polish interests overlap with interests of Great Moravia, Poland of Wladyslaw Warnenczyk, Jagelonian Poland, Poland of Piasts or Polish-Lithuanian Comonwelth if you want, stays in dirrect continuity with ancient Sarmatia Europae. If so, I could be brave enough to say that continuity of Polish interests could be followed even back to the Dacian time of mighty Sarmizegetusa, on Balkan.

what i want to tell you Poles, don`t forget example of Wladyslaw Warnenczyk if you desire free and independant Poland, if you want to avoid humiliation by your enemies and by your false friends.

and, don`t think that Balkan is lost Poles. Serbians are scatered and wounded but, Serbians still stand

Symbollic sarcophagus of Władysław, Wawel Cathedral, Kraków


"King of Poland" in tournamental armour. Miniature from Armorial equestre de la Toison d'Or, made circa 1435, during Władysław III's reign


Władysław at the Battle of Varna. Unfinished painting by Jan Matejko


A symbolic mausoleum of Vladislaus III in Varna, built in an antique Thracian mound tomb.

Wladyslaw III of Poland

Did you know that the oldest recorded Polish religious hymn `Bogurodzica` accompanied the coronation ceremony of Władysław Warneńczyk and other Jagiellonian kings. Before that, it was also sung at Grunwald in 1410 as well as before other battles in subsequent years.
Filios1 8 | 1,336
26 Mar 2010 #4
Interesting Crow. Is there a Serbian equivelent to Bogurodzica? I mean, what is oldest known battle hymn, religious hymn, etc...?
Nathan 18 | 1,363
26 Mar 2010 #5
“To escape is impossible, to surrender is unthinkable. Let’s fight with bravery and honor our arms!”

Nice words. That's exactly what I said to my gf and perished like Janos.
OP Crow 160 | 9,545
26 Mar 2010 #6
if we (Slavs from Baltic to Balkan) were lucky, if God blessed us, we could establish most powerfull state in Europe, from Poland to Serbia, from Lusatia to Slovakia, even to the Ukraine. But, we failed

Expanison of Ottoman Turkey and Islam greately scatered our might, especialy when magnates from western parts of Europe recognized Turks as valuable allay in conquest on Slavs. So, they coordinated. Not to mention how they exlploited antagonisms between Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Churches.

Anyway, Polish elite (from Warneńczyk to Sobieski and Zawisha Czarny), pledged to prevent isolation of Poland and defended Balkan, defended flow of wealth that still was strong on the line Balkan-Baltic, on the line that earlier was known as amber trade road (European equivalent of silk road). In attempt to support southern Sarmatians, flower of Polish military power was scatered and, as result of defeat in front of overvelming Turkish hordes (and betrayal of western Europe), Slavic south and Serbians as core of resistance in the region were maximaly reduced in biological, military, pollitical and economical sense.

But, hope live and old Serbs still talk about Ledjani, as well as old Poles still talk about Racowie.

Failure isn`t acceptable. Freedom to Sarmatia!

Ode to Immortal King

Grotowski Rapsod o Warneńczyku
OP Crow 160 | 9,545
13 Jan 2018 #7
King is dead. Long live King!
gregy741 5 | 1,251
13 Jan 2018 #8
tragic battle Varna was..victory was close.first valachians run away once they plundered sultans camp.and then our King blundered,and charged too early. he should have wait for Hunyadi army to arrive.

here some short documentary:
OP Crow 160 | 9,545
17 Mar 2018 #9
My King, we didn`t forget. Racowie gave their oath to you. We won`t left Poles in the mud. From the grave they saved us and we shall repay that debt.

Those with whom is Poland today in alliance, all of them for several times betrayed and harmed Poland. We Serbians never failed you Poles. Never. If we mutually didn`t affect each others history, we both today wouldn`t exist.

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