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Slavic vs Germanic thinking.... and the philosophical differences

14 Dec 2013  #241
Secular - not religious.
Piety - deep respect for Good.

A terrible contradiction, is what I find and see .
Awfully contradictory belief, I fear.
The more texts you send, the worse I sleep.

I now have a better understanding of the trends in some countries in the past andd
a better understanding for the importance of cultural values in history in general

"secular piety" - may be incorrect English translation?

Tonight I'm sleeping with a married woman, so do not worry, please
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544    
15 Dec 2013  #242
No, "secular piety" is THE standard, accepted rendering into English. Polish per se might not be my baillie wick, but German is:-)

"Welt" = world + "Froemmigkeit" > "fromm" = pious translates into "secular" as opposed to "sacred" piety wherein the (external) world is worshipped at the expense of the human spirit. The Lutheran or Evangelical Church during the post-Luther period simply became once more an arm, as it were, of the state hierarchy, rather than a grassroots tool for effecting social change of contemporary injustice. During WWII, with precious few exceptions such as Bonhoeffer or Niemoeller, the Church remained tacitly silent while Hitler's minions committed their atrocities.
15 Dec 2013  #243
Do you like rock music ?

If so , have you ever heard about Puhdys from eastern Germany
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544    
16 Dec 2013  #244
What has that got to do with anything?
16 Dec 2013  #245
And what do you think we are talking about ? The question is relevant, don't worry

It seems to me that the Puhdys NEUE HELDEN album cover picture reflects to some extent German thinking . Have you ever seen this cover picture ? If not , it would be advisable for those who are interested in the subject to have a look at it. It is possible to find this cover picture in the net.

Probably the picture should be added to this thread because it fits 100%
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544    
16 Dec 2013  #246
I nonetheless fail to grasp the immediate relationship between this rock group and the thread topic as posted.
Then again, as I've reiterated countless times here on PF, I might be a little slowLOL

Last time I checked, the subject matter is/was "Slavic vs. Germanic thinking..", a potentially excellent thread topic!
If you can kindly show a link between "Neue Helden" or whatever and the topic, e.g. a corresponding contemporarry Polish, Russian group, then I might sit up and take some notice. Other than that, these petty detours are only slowing us down, those of us for serious discourse is still possible:-) Thank you.
16 Dec 2013  #247
Other than that, these petty detours are only slowing us down, those of us for serious discourse is still possible:-) Thank you.

Think it petty ?
The influence of rock music shouldn't be underestimated, rock music can and does affect the minds and lives of millions of people . . So you think it has nothing to do with thinking and the subject ?

What subject do you find more relevant to the the subject matter ? Speak up, please

Sorry, but I find it somewhat difficult to continue the discussion
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544    
16 Dec 2013  #248
And yet rock music in and of itself has had only tangential influence SPECIFICALLY on Slavic vs. Germanic philosophy. How did the impact of the Beatles following the raging success of their Hamburg debut eventually affect, say, the German counter-culture revolution? R.U.R. why don't you just come out and admit that your curve balls are getting us pretty off topic here?
16 Dec 2013  #249
As I understand the title is "Slavic vs Germanic thinking.... and the philosophical diffirences"

And "and" in this case means that there are two separate subjects:
"Slavic vs Germanic thinking" and "the philosophical diffirences"

Thinking is much broader than philosophical thinking and even broader than the philosophical diffirences. Right ?

And it seems that there is no doubt that rock music influences thinking
I see no contradiction . If you wish you can concentrate on philosophy only
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544    
16 Dec 2013  #250
If you prefer, I certainly can "extend" this endlessly fascinating discussion to indeed include the prospective impact which rock music had on Messrs. Dutschke & Co. the Baader-Meinhof folks, the Red Brigade etc. Rock IS most definitely about rebellion, something relatively unknown throughout much of Germany's long history, and the long-haired adherents of giving the conservative establishment the middle finger quite clearly listened to the new, jolting rhythms of the rock 'n roll beat.

Why not?

To my knowledge, Russia underwent a similar history of repression and subjugation at the hands of the ruling elite. This is where an interesting parallel might emerge:-)
3 Aug 2014  #251
Even though I am Polish and Slavic I would not say that Slavs are better than Germans or Germans are better than Slavs. My love and loyalties only lie with Poland and not with the Slavs in general. I have a love for Slavic culture and people but I am very aware of the many evil things other Slavs did to my country. I am also aware of the unspeakable evil of my lands Germanic oppressors. Thus I idolize neither Slavs or Germans. Non the less I find my Slavic heritage extremely interesting and I love my polish Slavic culture

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