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Seeking details of Polish Soldier - Carol Biscupec/Biskupec

heritageplus 1 | 2
23 Feb 2017 #1
I am researching the military service of a relative's father an Englishman who served in WW2 in France. My man died a few years ago however his son remembers him talking about a Polish soldier who became a great friend of his father.

The only details we have is his name Carol/Karol Biscupec/Biskupec, who may have served with the Royal Engineers and who is believed to have joined the Paris Fire Brigade immediately after the war.

Can anyone help, please?
Atch 16 | 3,339
24 Feb 2017 #2
The British forces service records for Poles who served in WWII are held by the UK Ministry of Defence. (However they are in the process of transferring them to the Polish state. This will take a long time and are not likely to be available to the public in Poland for several years.) Although the MOD can do a search for you, you need to have the full name, date of birth and service number of the deceased so I'm afraid it's of no use to you.

However I did a quick search here using the variants of the name you provided and didn't turn up anything:

Sorry not to be of more help :(
TheOther 5 | 3,682
24 Feb 2017 #3
Maybe this one?
OP heritageplus 1 | 2
6 Jun 2017 #4
Apologies for the very late response - I've been away for some time.

Yes this is the man.

I found this in a 1953 edition of Orzel Bialy newspaper distributed in England. I do not speak Polish could someone be very kind and translate for me?

Atch 16 | 3,339
6 Jun 2017 #5
Hi Heritageplus. My Polish is by no means fluent but I believe it translates as follows:

Karol Biskupek, born 6 April 1925, served in the second Corps. In 1948 was living in Newcastle on Tyne. Being sought by his family in Poland.
Atch 16 | 3,339
6 Jun 2017 #6
Further update. I just found an obituary notice for Karol Biskupek died August 2010 in Wansbeck General Hospital, Ashington,Northumberland, aged 85 years, so exactly the right age for your chap.

The names of his children are given so they might be in the phone book. Worth a try anyway.

Just to add, in case you're not from the UK, that Newcastle-upon-Tyne is in the Northumberland region of England so it all fits.
OP heritageplus 1 | 2
6 Jun 2017 #7
Thanks Atch

We are following it up here. My relatives father was from Newcastle. We're in England.



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