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Polish - Scottish history - which part of Krakow did Scots settle?

dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
30 Jan 2015 #1
Recently in Scotland there has been a big influx of Poles living here getting into Scots history, especially where our history is tied.

Poles are making a massive map of Scotland to celebrate the ties ect

I was wondering in which part of Krakow did Scots settle, history tells us they were given a district but finding info on that district is difficult.
Paulina 17 | 4,489
31 Jan 2015 #2
I don't know, I've tried googling it, but the only thing I've found out was that there's a district in Gdańsk called Nowe Szkoty (New Scots) ;) There's this book, however, "Wielka Imigracja. Szkoci w Krakowie i Małopolsce w XVI - pierwszej połowie XVII wieku" (The Great Immigration. Scots in Cracow and Lesser Poland in the 16th and the first half of 17th century) by Waldemar Kowalski:

One can buy it here, I guess:,362091

Or on

There's also a general book in English - maybe there's something there too:

(Btw, I had no idea that a Scot was a (four-term) mayor of Warsaw :)
TheStranger - | 28
31 Jan 2015 #3
You may have a look here, maybe you know these sites already:
Paulina 17 | 4,489
31 Jan 2015 #4
It turns out the author of this book works at the university in my city :) - here's his contact info:

He was a visiting research professor in The Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies and the University of Aberdeen, so I guess he knows English - in case you would be interested enough to contact him about this.

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