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Royal Castle of Warsaw - Etching picture? (would like to find it's origins)

chrismon 1 | 3
23 Aug 2014 #1
This is a picture which has turned up in Australia.I would love to know it,s origins. It is made of some sort of metal, surrounded by a frame which seem to be wooden , but not sure. I have been told it is of the Royal Castle of Warsaw , in the xv111 century, viewed from the Vistula River. Can anyone help please

regards Chrismon

Paulina 16 | 4,203
23 Aug 2014 #2
First of all, you could post a bigger photo. There's an inscription - what does it say?
OP chrismon 1 | 3
24 Aug 2014 #3
Hello Paulina,
Thank you for your interest. I will see if I can obtain a better picture.

The inscription reads

Paulina 16 | 4,203
24 Aug 2014 #4

Well, there you go, so it is "the Royal Castle in Warsaw". What more would you like to know?
OP chrismon 1 | 3
24 Aug 2014 #5

Hope these pictures are better re Royal Castle Warsaw

regards Chrismon

Astoria - | 153
24 Aug 2014 #6
It's likely a tourist souvenir from the 20th century based on the painting by Bernardo Bellotto called Canaletto from the 18th century:
OP chrismon 1 | 3
25 Aug 2014 #7
Thanks Astoria

I thought it must have been a tourist thing. I will check out the site you mentioned
regards Chrismon

I think that is about all there is to know. Astoria has the same idea as I, that it is probably connected to the tourist trade

.It has no sentimental value to me personally, it would be nice to find a Pole living close by who may appreciate it.

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