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History of Rosochowaciec and Denysow

janmas 1 | 3
10 Jan 2019 #1
Hi....I am trying to find a brief history of area's Rosochowaciec and Denysow please. Where they towns in Poland that are now in Ukraine? I have family history to Lvov, Rosochowciec and Denysow and am having trouble understanding the history from 1900-1940. Any links would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
Chemikiem 7 | 2,568
10 Jan 2019 #2
Rosochowaciec and Denysow

Probably you know that Poland's territory was partitioned in 1795, between the Kingdom of Prussia, Russia, and Austria ( Galicia ), until 1918.
Both of these places are mentioned on this website if you scroll through, although there are two places called Rosochowaciec:

Although once in Poland, Rosochowaciec is now in Ukraine:

Rosochowaciec is also mentioned on this message board:

About Galicia:
OP janmas 1 | 3
10 Jan 2019 #3
Thank you for answers....I will read the links.

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