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Polish relation about Russians, Ukrainians?

TommyG 1 | 361
12 Nov 2012 #271
But they words you have written (and their implied pronunciation) are virtually all wrong. If you were claiming the similarities of those words between Czech and Russian, I'd be a bit more inclined to agree with you. But never in the last 6 years or so that I've lived with Polish people I have never heard the sort of pronunciations you describe. I certainly don't use that kind of pronunciation. None of the people I've met either back at home in England, including my ex-girlfriend or my best mate, or here in Poland pronounce the words as you have written them. And my example of the verb 'to be' is just one very basic example of the vast differences in grammatical usage between the two languages.

Just some foof for thought for you... Maybe Poles speak differently in North America than in Poland?

I second that question, all I get in google translate is "вы" for "wy jesteĊ›cie"

Yeah, you can't use google translate to answer that one. That's Russian grammar for you.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
12 Nov 2012 #272
this thread seems to be wandering.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
12 Nov 2012 #273
Do you seriously believe that modern Russia somehow threat to Poland at the moment or will threat in any foreseeable future?For example demographically or military?

There are other ways to control a people or country then invading it. Russia has shown that doing business with it and politics are co existent. Poland had an issue with Russia, it cut off import of meats. The Ukraine had an issue it turned the knob on the gas pipeline. It seams that it expects things to be in it's favor or else... threats, intimidation. Even more so to it's Slavic neighbors it should be more of a big brother than a bully.

OP Vlad123 7 | 204
14 Nov 2012 #274
There are other ways to control a people or country then invading it. Russia has shown that doing business with it and politics are co existent. Poland had an issue with Russia, it cut off import of meats. The Ukraine had an issue it turned the knob on the gas pipeline.

Well, if Poland believes it needs politically counterweight Russia so much, maybe they would thought some type of political confederacy with Ukraine? Western Ukrainians would gladly support idea,I guess, do not know about rest of Ukraine but still likely.38 mln + 45 mln = 83 mln. And plenty of territory and resources.Ukraine have Uranium,Thorium,Magnesium, plenty of fertile soil and Black see. Lot of potential to develop.For some period of type Ukraine may accept most of executive government functions from Poland befere their own political system will mature.
kondzior 12 | 1,221
15 Nov 2012 #275
I may be starting to respect Ukrainians.

Ukrainian priest beats up men who tried to repeat ***** Riot"performance" in his church

Kiev, November 12- Four Ukrainian men tried to repeat the ***** Riot "performance" in a Ukrainian church in the early hours of November 9.


What a badass. I'd totally listen to his sermons.

I hope priests in the west follow this kind of noble example and WIN.
OP Vlad123 7 | 204
16 Nov 2012 #276
Where did you actually took from those numbers??? For example this movie which presumably was made in Russia in recent years
``Banderovtsi - the war without rules`` mentions number of Soviet soldiers who died in war with UPA at 50.000 tall.
...(The movie is in Russian only).
Also they state total number of civilians dead at 60.000. But under civilians they mean mostly Ukrainians who according to UPA simpathized to Soviets.In entire movie there was no even mention of Polish victims.Neither any known Ukrainian historian agrees with huge number of Polish victims.It seems only person who somehow concerned to Polish government and not completely private researcher is Ewa Siemaszko.I think those numberse you provided is mostly due to her researches.But she seem to start her researches many decades after alleged events and I wonder how this poor woman without extensive help could collect data for entire Western Ukraine! Some Ukrainian historians who decided to check her research and conduct their own research desagree with her statement and believe they were highly exagerated. (responses).

It seems that most of Russian and Ukrainian sources decided to build evil wall of silence about Polish victims.
And if we take in account that UPA also fought with Germans and presumably killed people of other nationalities then what is total number of those who killed by UPA both in combat and civilians? Closer to 300.000 at least???
16 Nov 2012 #277
Personally I do not like the Ukrainians... mainly because they have never apologised for what they have done in the Souther Poland during the war... remberer all the genocides that they have commited to "liberate" Their Eastern Borders?? I really don't like the rise of the fascist right winged basterds in the Ukrainians... :(

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
16 Nov 2012 #278
How many Ukrainians do you know personally? probably none.
OP Vlad123 7 | 204
16 Nov 2012 #279
have done in the Souther Poland during the war...

Sorry, ``Southern Poland`` is it where?..

I really don't like the rise of the fascist right winged basterds in the Ukrainians...

There is apparently some share of Ukrainians who belong to ultraright, for example there is ``Svoboda``
party in Ukrainian parliament who according to claims of some Jewish organisation is ``anti-semitic``
but I`m affraid to disappoint you.They do not regard Poles in particular as their enemies.Even contra,
many of them are ``pro-Western`` and regard Poles as their allies.So why would they appologies before
you if they believe you are their friends and you suppose to like them for their anti-Russian/communist
rethorics?But those Ukrainian far-right have little in common with rest of Ukrainians,so maybe you will
deal with your potential friends in some inter-family manner???

In 1998, the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior estimated that 400,000 Ukrainian women were trafficked during the previous decade; other sources, such as non-governmental organizations, thought the number was higher.

It is also estimated that 1/3 of all trafficked Ukrainians have been sliced for human organs...

To sofijufka:

It seems you are interesting in Russian history and maybe culture.
Do you know Russian or trying to study it?
If you need some help with Russian or Ukrainian or have some
questions regarding Russ/Ukr culture I could gladly help to you.
You could write me a private message.
Also I may propose to you such movies as ``9 lives of Nestor Makhno``

It contains 12 series but is worth to see for those who is really interesting
in Ukrainian and Russian history.
And ``Tzar`` about life of Ivan the Terrible.

Warning: both movies contain scenes of atrocities.Movies are in Russian only.
1 Oct 2013 #280
I am from Ukraine , I live in Kiev, Ukrainian well we treat the Poles , I have been in such kind of Poles , but I consider myself more Ukrainian .The modern history of trying to embroil us as naturally and Russia , I think that it would be an honor to counter this, but though our countries have in the past wars and conflicts , it should take into account our current relationships.Russia to behave as a negative state, the Russians neutral- negative , because there are people who are not in vain called clerks and Muscovite , because it is a way of life .We consider Poland - friends .Since Russia has no friendship can not be, because after the Holodomor , the Soviet Union and repression we have finally become increasingly clear that their aim to destroy us by all possible means.I can say that most Russians - not Slavs .I hope that the recent events of our corrupt politicians who started the Volyn Miscellaneous You do not really against us sentiment for a war , I do not want to justify the Ukraine , but raising this matter was a provocation.Russian security forces killed your President Lech Kaczynski , as he was known storonyk improve relations with Ukraine .Draw conclusions themselves, but of unfavorable good relations between Ukraine and Poland.
Sasha 2 | 1,083
3 Oct 2013 #281
I'll capture it if you don't mind :)

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