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Question about the Polish exiles in Siberia 19th century?

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I've a couple questions concerning the Poles that were exiled to Siberia during the various failed uprisings against Russia in the 19th century and was wondering if anyone could help me?

1) Does anyone know the proportion of women compared to men who were exiled after the January Uprising, and whether there were any cases of family members who were not exiled themselves following an exiled relative/spouse/etc to Siberia?

I know that some wives of the Russian Decembrists followed their husbands in to exile, so it made me curious whether the same kind of thing is known to have happened among Poles, particularly after the January Uprising?

2) Does anyone know if there were any Polish exiles who escaped Siberia via an Asia-Pacific route to America or Europe? The reason I ask is I noticed Wikipedia claims in this article ( that some Poles planned to travel via Mongolia to China where they could board European ships, and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this kind of thing was ever successful among Polish exiles?

I know the story of the Polish orphans who left Siberia via Japan in the 1920s, but I'm looking for examples from the 19th century.


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Question about the Polish exiles in Siberia 19th century?
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