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Poles also killed innocents

Ziemowit 10 | 2,834    
27 Jul 2016  #31

One wonder why he still hasn't packed up and moved to Israel, Lithuania, Germany or some other nation which he so valiantly defends agaisnt the aggressive, vindictive Poles?

This questions has already crossed my mind, too. The problem is that Haroldo reports history in a very distorted, anti-Polish way (remember his famous term 'Nazi-Polish invasion of Czechoslovakia'?). I think there must be some personal issues behind that, no doubt about it.

Ironside 46 | 8,733    
27 Jul 2016  #32

I was talking about the Ukrainian National Republic, who were people from Western Ukraine,

Harry you're backpedaling or your geography is poor, what is western Ukraine according to you?

the same people later stabbed in the back by Poland

Phew, those people having been stabbed by their own people who were not interested in fighting for their own independence or their own country. Stop slandering Poland, and get your facts right.

Poland agreed in 1920 which land was Czechoslovakia and which was Poland.

Prague shouldn't acting like thugs and criminals. They had it coming. End of story. There is also question of execution of unarmed civilians and other atrocities visited by the Czech forces on Poles.

Home / History / Poles also killed innocents
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