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How do Poles feel about 10th anniversary of 9/11

johnny reb 20 | 4,590
11 Sep 2016 #31
Today is the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
Presently we are at a moment of silence across the Nation in remembrance.
The majority of Americans believe 'there was' American involvement.
And to think my government would allow a Mosque to be build across the street from the 9/11 Memorial kind of confirms that.
High class Olga - | 5
11 Sep 2016 #32
I was on Warsaw airport that day coming back to states with my kids and all flights were cancelled for a week and LOT provided us 2 rooms in hilton with food.After first week for 3 days all people with US passports were allowed to get back and then others were allowed.For first 2 days there were no calls could be made.

If given a chance I would like to open a go go bar WITH ALCOHOL across that mosque with the name of the bar MORE HAMMERED. AND A 24 HR BLINKING COLOURFUL NEON SIGN.
johnny reb 20 | 4,590
11 Sep 2016 #33
It definitely shows the most disrespect possible.
Just shows you what is happening in America since 'Barrack "Hussein" Obama' was elected as this Mosque opened in 2011 on his watch.
You Polish people here tell me what would happen if the Germans opened a Bach Choral Society across from the gates of Auschwitz !
I think Trump should buy the property next door to that Mosque and put up a gay bar that sells bbq pork ribs and name it, "Hairy Baghdad's Rib Shack".

(All dogs must be accompanied by owners)
It would show the same amount of respect.
TheWizard - | 238
15 Oct 2018 #34
9/11. Sad day. You forgot to mention how many arabs were incinerated by our forces before they dared the 9/11.
Attack? Try retaliation.
Rich Mazur 4 | 5,004
15 Oct 2018 #35
There is nothing wrong with retaliation. What's wrong is letting it happen, which the US did. We had so many opportunities to prevent 9/11 but didn't. Even today, "profiling" is still a dirty word and hate speech. How many years did it take the US to reinforce the cockpit doors after Israel did theirs? Stupid people get stupid results.
24 Feb 2019 #36
I was a blessed kid since 911 god bless me
Lyzko 25 | 7,512
26 Feb 2019 #37
Most Americans in the know, will realize that 9/11 was staged, if not entirely orchestrated, by Dick Cheney, W as well, as an excuse to go to war. The Saudi assassin Fatta carried it out, but because the Bush family and the Saudi Royals were about as buddy-buddy as the Clintons with Sam Walton, nobody dared suggest we attack the Saudis.

Furthermore, VP Cheney instructed NORAD to look the other way and sent them to Iceland on maneuvers instead of being at the ready to bring down the plan and save thousands of lives!!

That's our country for you, G-D BLESS AMERICA, TRUMP AKBAR.
(Roosevelts Teddy and Franklin would be turning over in their graves!)
Shitonya Brits
26 Feb 2019 #38
Six Poles were killed on 9/11.

Polish laborers who helped clear the debris from the devastation could be entitled to millions of dollars in compensation:

nobody dared suggest

You didn't dare mention anything about the dancing Israelis and the oh-so coincidental billion dollar terrorism insurance policy taken out by one leaseholder named Silverstein just two months before the attack.

You either are not in the know yourself or you much prefer that others be mislead and remain in the dark.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,616
26 Feb 2019 #39
Not just Cheney... lot of suspicious involvement from others in the Zionist occupied government and their allies...

Employees of Israeli company Odigo were notified of the attacks before they happened which the CEO confirmed, Mossad agents are stopped with blueprints of 9/11 and tell the cops they're documenting the event (dancing Israelis), and most curious an investigation that was announced literally just days before of Rabbi Dov Zakheim's 'mishandling' of 2 TRILLION (yes trillion) of Pentagon, thus taxpayer money, that suddenly went bye bye... (well not exactly, billions of it was siphoned off to Israel.. same guy who sold brand new F16's at scrap metal prices to Israel)

Also, almost every high level person involved in 9/11 from the people investigating it, to the guy writing the 9/11 commission report, the lease holder of the building (who upped the insurance policy right before the attack), to the company insuring it, to the companies in the building trading massive volume of commodities just days before were all Zionists...

Dick Cheney was merely one of the people involved.... The purpose was to launch another war in the middle east on behalf of Israel

More about Rabbi Zakheim:
26 Feb 2019 #40
i don't think usa is that bs that would let someone smack a ***** on a teeth.. sometimes things do happen for no reason

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