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Any Poles in the American Revolution?

24 Jun 2017 #1
i know there was Pulaski, Kosiuszko and Beniowski but were there any other poles who fought in the continental army
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27 Jun 2017 #2
Couple interesting articles about Polish heroes who fought for America.

I'll try to translate one fragment (slightly refined google translation):

The war against England for the independence of the United States (1775 - 1783) was an important stage in Polish-American relations. The Poles participating in it can be divided into two groups: those who specifically came to fight for the ideals of freedom (emigration of war), and Poles, or Americans of Polish descent who already lived on American soil (colonial emigration). Determining their numbers is extremely difficult. Polish military immigration served exclusively in the army, while Polish colonists fought in army and in the militia. It is estimated that during the eight years of this war there served one hundred and dozens of Poles in a 150,000-strong continental army. Soldiers of the continental army. According to Mieczysław Haiman, the first historian of American Polonia, there were 14 Polish officers among them: Michał Kowacz, De Bitzen, Kotkowski, Kraszewski, Terlecki, Jan Zieliński, and mostly two of the heroes: Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Kazimierz Pulaski, who have reached the rank of Brigadier Generals, and their memory in the United States continue to this day. Of the 14 officers, six were killed.

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