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Website about Poland's History, would anybody like to contribute?

PolandExplorer 1 | -
17 Feb 2014 #1

I have been exploring Poland and writing about the country for about 6 years (on and off) and have a website covering the whole country. The site is aiming to write about each place in Poland including, geography, history, travel, tourist guide and famous people and more will be added over time.

This is a large project so if any of you folk from Poland would like to write and share about the history of your home town or city I would love to hear from you.

I am not sure if I am allowed to have a link to my website here, but anyone who is interested can contact me.

Hope to hear from you.
11 Feb 2015 #2
It sounds like a fun project. Have you started it yet; what's the website address? I'm sure the history section is massive; I'd be interested about the recommended places to stay in Poland during BAD weather (lets say between Oct and March). I guess a lot of travelers to Poland would appreciate the input. Also, don't forget about travel attractions to Poland's neighbouring countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc.) -- sometimes it's easier and more exciting to visit these places rather than spending a lot of time to go to a destination in the middle of Poland ;). Good luck.
Lacznosci - | 1
19 Aug 2015 #3
Merged: Polish Special Forces in Italy WW2

Researching a photo taken in Italy dated 25 April 1945. A large group of men. Believe some may be Polish Cichociemni from the Ostuni training centre at Base 10 (organized in collaboration with British SOE) along with Polish VI Bureau Signals battalion Lacznosci staff from Base 11 (where the radio centre at Latiano was known as Mewa (translation Seagull). My father was with Signals at Base 11, I have his slip signed by Iwanicki (#31 in photo I believe) and Hancza. I've created a modest website and numbered the photo, hoping visitors may be able to name some of these men. I've included a little background information and will be continuing to update. If you have particular knowledge of these two units in the Brindisi area, or had a Polish relative who was a Ciochciemni or was with Signals - who was alive in April 1945 - please take a look at the website: OR Polski
7 Apr 2016 #4
Merged: A web site for all Polish people: > International Research Centre <

Poland in the world; ignored successes, dismissed courage; enemies and devils = jews & germans
Lwow Eagle 4 | 51
8 Apr 2016 #5
Poland has had quite a few enemies through the years, Germans, Russians, Ukrainian and Lithuanian nationalists, some Jews (not all certainly), not to mention false friends. A website dedicated to the actual history of Poland is great idea to dispel much of the communist era propaganda that is often repeated in English language sources to obfuscate the the Western betrayal of Poland after WWII.

Home / History / Website about Poland's History, would anybody like to contribute?
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