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Poland history uprising rings?

kfitz 1 | -
22 May 2011 #1

I was wondering if anyone here can help with a query?

Among a relative's possessions were two matching rings, which look like a man's and a woman's.

They seem to be silver (there is a stamp inside that says '.925' which I think refers to the purity of the silver).

They have a rough texture on the outside and the text "Bohaterom Powstania Warszawskiego" which I think means "Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising". On the other side there is the date of 1944 and the symbol of the uprising. I have photos, but I'm not sure if I can attach them to a post here?

Anyway, I have searched extensively on the internet but can't find any reference to items like this. Can anyone tell me what they are? Do they date from the war or later? Were they a mass-produced item or would they have been made for, or presented to, an individual? Maybe someone who actually took part in the Uprising?

Any ideas gratefully received!

Best Regards
Sokrates 8 | 3,346
22 May 2011 #2
They're most likely commemorative rings from the late 60s.
1jola 14 | 1,879
10 Jul 2011 #3
The ring was distributed for a donation to help finance the Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego in Warsaw built in 1989.

The communists were not interested in commemorating the Warsaw Uprising since it was AK who organized it. After the war, those AK soldiers were called fascists and many were imprisoned and or executed for being on the side of Germany(sic). This communist propaganda is still peddled in certain post-communist and Jewish circles.

You can see the ring for sale here:
Seanus 15 | 19,706
10 Jul 2011 #4
To the OP, I think Sokrates is right. Tributes come in different forms.
Richard09 - | 1
27 Oct 2012 #5
Merged: Need help identifying this ring (Poland, 1919-WW2 era)

I came across this ring, and wanted to see if anybody knew anything about it. I was told that it was from Poland, possibly from the 1919 to WW2 era. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

MoOli 9 | 483
27 Oct 2012 #6
Take it to a pawn shop or to an LOMBARD in Poland:))
beckski 12 | 1,617
27 Oct 2012 #7
Any info would be greatly appreciated

Does the ring have any inscriptions?

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