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Poland unit in England - can anybody recognize this military uniform?

ikla 1 | 1
6 Aug 2013 #1
Hello. This is my grandfather. He fought in the Second World War on a Polish unit for england. He was in Africa and Italy. Someone may recognize this uniform?

He never talked about the war. I would like to identify the uniform and look for any record that might exist....

Thanks for the help.

pawian 177 | 14,597
7 Aug 2013 #2
My first assumption is the navy, but I can be wrong.
Cardno85 31 | 976
7 Aug 2013 #3
The epaulets look quite navy in shape. But alas with the condition of the photo and the knowledge that he was in Africa then it could be any number of hot weather uniforms or, as you say, Naval dress white.

But very interesting topic, I am curious about the conclusion!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Aug 2013 #4
Not sure, but somehow it reminds me of a Russian tsarist uniform.
7 Aug 2013 #5
If he was in the Western Command Polish armed forces, you don't need to identify his uniform. All of the records of the Western Command Polish armed forces are kept by the British government and they are only too happy to help with requests from family members for info. Contact details are below:

APC MS Support - Disclosures 5
Building 59
RAF Northolt
West End Road
Tel: 0208 8338603
Fax: 0208 8338866

You can find the records access application form (and a bit more information) here:
OP ikla 1 | 1
8 Aug 2013 #6
Thanks for the info.

Anyway, if anyone can recognize reliably the origin of the uniform, the search would be much easier, even for people of the Western Command Polish.

Maybe with the data that I have is not enough. Maybe at some point he misspelled his name or his last name.

My grandfather came to live in Buenos Aires and name changes were common for immigration employees wrote them wrong.

If I can recognize the uniform, it would be a big step.

Thanks for the replies.
pawian 177 | 14,597
8 Aug 2013 #7
Not sure, but somehow it reminds me of a Russian tsarist uniform.

Yes, indeed:

3 Aug 2014 #8
I believe that I may recognize the uniform. Since your grandfather fought in north Africa and italy his white uniform is not out of place. I believe that most likely he could have been part of the Carpathian rifle brigade that saw intense fighting in north Africa and Italy. It could be a navy uniform, but the polish navy was much.more active in the North Atlantic I think. As I said before I am not sure of anything but if I were you I would look up uniforms of the Carpathian rifle brigade. Actually I will check it myself. We poles need to help each other. Do Widzenia.

Cześć ikla. I looked up some uniforms of the Carpathian rifle brigade. Even though most of the Google images were fruitless I saw a few images of soldiers in the brigade wearing white British uniforms. It is possible that he was wearing a uniform like that, even though I am not sure. It is pretty obvious however that your grandfather was an officer and not a private. I can tell this because of his szabla(saber) and shoulder pads. If he was in the Carpathian brigade you have a real hero in your family. They fought like eagles, culminating in the battle of Monte casino. I hope I helped.
15 Feb 2016 #9
Merged: Photos WW2 Polish Army Unit

My godfather served with the Polish and British Army during WW2. I've photos of him with fellow soldiers and I've no one to pass them to when I die.

One of the photos has this title X Kurs Szk Kier Szt 2 Korp II Komp 12.xi.1945
Any ideas where I can send them would be welcomed.
Ozi Dan 26 | 569
17 Feb 2016 #10
Any ideas where I can send them would be welcomed.

Hi JGriff,

There was a forum member named "Lacznosci" who set up a website that had some wonderful photos and information. Perhaps you could get in touch with him? Cheers Dan

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