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The sketch of scenes in Poland in 1970

Ethaniel 2 | 3
27 Jan 2015 #1

I am a student from the Lodz film school and I am currently planning on making a short film about the Polish life during late 60s to early 70s.

The protagonist of my story is about an elementary school boy who, with his delicacy and sensitiveness, is very incongruous in contrast with his collective peers.

With the help of my scenographers, we would like to restore the mise en scene as well as the general zeitgeist during such period of time.

Please, if you have any articles, books, pictures and films regarding to this subject, do share it with me. :)))))

Thank you very much!
Looker - | 1,121
28 Jan 2015 #2
Check this Poland's newsreels from the 60-70 time-line. It would be best if you understood Polish language though.
OP Ethaniel 2 | 3
29 Jan 2015 #3
Thank you! But still wasn't it the communist propoganda? Have you any books and movies to recommend? Thank you!
jon357 71 | 20,379
30 Jan 2015 #4
No it wasn't communist propaganda, it was just people's reality. The government was (mostly) communist; the people (mostly) weren't. At that time, Film makers had to work within a certains idiom however even in the soviet Union it wasn't always the same and in Poland they had a lot of freedom. Maybe as much freedom as now, perhaps even more since the market dictates artistic output even more than censorship dictated it then.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
30 Jan 2015 #5
boy who, with his delicacy and sensitiveness, is very incongruous in contrast with his collective peers.

why would you think such a story is specific to Sixties/Seventies Poland? if anything, it would be much more believable as a contemporary story, methinks. people back then read "difficult" books and discussed the philosophical meaning of life much more than they do today - and were in general encouraged to do so by the education system. in many circles, if you didn't know Cortazar from Camus you faced a social death! ;-) so your assumption that a sensitive schoolboy would stick out like a sore thumb awash in a sea of troll-like brainwashed communist brutes is not really completely right... you might wanna push your story back to Stalinist times to achieve that effect.
frankdom 5 | 8
24 Apr 2015 #6
Merged: The winners of a Polish Radio essay competition in the 1970s - memories from the trips around the Poland

In the 1970s I was one of the winners of a Polish Radio essay competition. I joined a group of international essayists on a tour of about 2 weeks around Poland -historic sites and factories etc. I know that this competition went on for more than one year. Does anybody remember these trips from the point of view of radio organizer or foreign guest. I did some years ago write a short piece for Polish Radio of my experiences. I think everybody had an unforgettable experience and it would be good to relive memories with those who were involved.
26 Apr 2015 #7
Hi. Do you know the title of this competition? I can help you find some informations about this competition and people who took part in it.

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