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Role of Poland's PSK (Women's Auxiliary Service) in WWII

lneri 1 | 1
28 Dec 2013 #1
I am looking for any information/stories/archival material relating to the role of the PSK (Polish women driven from their homeland, who donned the uniform of the British ATS and served in WWII).

Any information is appreciated.
Linda Neri
Arts - | 22 Moderator
4 Jun 2014 #2
Info about Polish women in ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary):

Anna Leska-Daab was one of the first woman and one of three Polish women in the Air Transport Auxiliary. Next was Stefania Wojtulanis and a year later Jadwiga Piłsudska - the youngest daughter of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski.

Anna Leska, Pauline Grower, Stefania Wojtulanis and Jadwiga Piłsudska, 1943

Stefania Wojtulanis

PSK at 2 Corps Gen. W. Anders:

Polish Servicewomen in Scotland:
6 Jun 2014 #3
Thank you so much for the information!! I will use this for a future presentation on the roles of Polish women in WW!!> D-Day: 70 years!!!!

Linda Neri
Gianluca - | 2
5 Mar 2016 #4
Polish women at 2nd Polish Corp in Puglia:
Base 316 Transport Company (polish women) was in Palagianello, near Taranto.
Polish General Hospitaln. 5 was in Casamassima, near Bari
Polish General Hospital n. 3 was in Palagiano, near Taranto
Centre of trasmission HQ in Mottola, near Taranto
Cultural section was in Bari

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