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Relationship b/w Poland & Pakistan

wasif khan 1 | 7
29 May 2012 #1
The origin of Polish ties with State of Pakistan dates back to 1940 when a number of Polish families migrated to Karachi. Between August 24, 1942 and December 31, 1944 over thirty thousand Polish refugees were lodged in these camps and were settled in Karachi. In 1939, Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin annexed the Eastern Poland into its territory forcing Polish intellectuals, scientists, technicians, and vice versa, migrating and seeking refuge in countries in effected from war operations. More than 30,000 Polish citizens seek refugee in Karachi which was governed by the British Government and remained in Karachi, becoming the citizens of the newly established state, State of Pakistan, in 1947.
Bieganski 17 | 901
30 May 2012 #2
So how many people are there in Pakistan today that identify themselves as Polish?
OP wasif khan 1 | 7
12 Jun 2012 #3
Almost 15 lac polish migrate lives in Karachi, Pakistan

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