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Politics of Poland in past, present and future; your opinion

Crow 155 | 9,025
26 Apr 2015 #1
This should be interesting. Let us analyze politics of Poland having in mind global environment. Politics of government, strategy, politics of absolutely any kind, including social, economical, educational, minority rights politics, etc, etc. Where Polish politics done well and where failed in past? What Polish politics doing right now and your opinion about it? What should be Polish political and strategic moves?

Many questions, many answers.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
27 Apr 2015 #2
I Think that Poland is one of the country where people choose better their politicians. It is like an oasis in a European Union that is destroying itself from inside by left-wing politicians.

It is just amazing to see that the Leftist party (SLD) have barely 4% of the parliament. When you compare with countries like France or UK (not even talking about Greece, they are the worst case), that are ruining their economies and destroying their own culture with the leftist myth that illegal immigrants are nice and cute, you see how wise and smart the voters in Poland are.

My analysis of each party:

PO / Platforma Obywatelska : In the paper they have great economic ideas (privatization, tax reduction, free market stimulus, cut government spending on welfare, etc), but unfortunately their government is not making all those great ideas reality. On the social issues, they are also great. The fact that they defend polish culture as a catholic country shows that, at least in this point, the party have condition to defend Poland from the external menaces.

PiS / Prawo i Sprawiedliwość: They are not as wise as PO in terms of economy (which means less favourable to a free market, but at least they are anti-socialist). I would not vote for them if i was polish, but they are far away of be so bad as people say. One good point is that they are not afraid of critics when it comes to defend polish culture and heritage against the socialist-atheist that just want to turn poland into another dump.

SLD / Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej: The main left-wing party, full of ex-communists that want back their privileges at the cost of the people. They just miss the old soviet times when they were rich enslaving people under the Socialist regime, and kidnapping or jailing all opposition. Fortunatelly they don't have many votes, otherwise they could destroy poland in few years with they backwards ideas.

United Poland / Solidarna Polska: They have good intentions, but stupid and ignorant ideas of how to develop a country.

Polish Peoples Party / Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe: Mainly stupid ideas, like spend money subsidizing companies that are inneficient, altought, it is not as bad as most european leftist parties.

Your Movement / Twoj Ruch: Another party full of left-wing "intellectuals" that doesn't understand bollocks about economy and doesn't care nothing about poland, besides their own pockets. Fortunatelly they are small, since poles are wise enough to see the truth behind them.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
27 Apr 2015 #3
Is there any interesting monarchist/royalist political party in Poland?

PO / Platforma Obywatelska: ........... The fact that they defend polish culture as a catholic country shows that, at least in this point, the party have condition to defend Poland from the external menaces.

PiS / Prawo i Sprawiedliwość: ........... defend polish culture and heritage against the socialist-atheist that just want to turn poland into another dump.

when you mentioned. Correct me if i`m wrong but i get impression that speaking of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe in general, traditional, national oriented political options of one country, awakening (in most cases) bigger and bigger understanding in other regional countries. Meaning, strengthening of Catholic element in Poland or in Hungary for example didn`t and won`t rise any suspicion in other regional non-Catholic countries. On the contrary.

Interesting, isn`t it. In any case its glad to me when see that neither Polish public, neither the Poland`s politics didn`t abandon traditional family values.

One should be careful with leftists. As former Czech President Vaclav Klaus warned, there are processes within EU that remind of ex Soviet Union.

so you says that SLD don`t enjoy support by Poles? Good.
27 Apr 2015 #4
Witam! Once again, Levi who does not live in Poland, who does not live in UK, France, Greece and who never did makes up his own stories ;). Levi, please don't talk about what you don't know since you know nothing about politics of said countries. Believe me, in Poland, politicians are not better (or worse) than elswhere and be informed that more than 50% of Poles don't bother to vote as they don't believe in any of their politicians.

PS: contrary to you, Levi, I have met quite a few Polish politicians, including (but NOT ONLY) from SLD and believe me, they are not what you say but of course as you don't live in Poland, don't know Poland, you make up your own stories ;(
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
27 Apr 2015 #5
they don't believe in any of their politicians

Its also wise.

SLD and believe me, they are not what you say

will you please elaborate
27 Apr 2015 #6
@Crow: I have met (through work) a lot of Polish politicians, of all major parties and believe me, they are neither better nor worse than anywhere else. Neither you nor Levi live in Poland and obviously you don't know anything about Poland and about Polish politics. Fortunately the fascist nationalist "parties", both of you support don't even make 1% in any Polish election. However, less than 50% of Poles bother to vote and should you live in Poland and know Poland you would know that the big majority of Poles don't believe in politicians (and they are right). Imagining YOUR Poland does not change reality.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
27 Apr 2015 #7
"Fortunately the fascist nationalist "parties""

It is funny that all left-wing like you calls anyone that defends liberty and freedom, with traditional values and culture, is called a fascist.

When actually, fascism was a left-wing creation. Mussollini was a socialist before everything. So if there is someone fascist here, it is you.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
27 Apr 2015 #8
Thank you Gosce. Fell free to enlighten me. i just have opinion about some things. Far from it that i understand everything in case with Polish or any other politics.
27 Apr 2015 #9
the Leftist party (SLD) have barely 4% of the parliament

I wasn't aware that the SLD was a national minority party. Could you go into more detail about that? My understanding has always been that the threshold for normal parties to get into parliament is five percent.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
28 Apr 2015 #10
Harry, i was considering the percentage of all voters.
If you consider the percentage of those that turned on, then there is the threshold and in that case the SLD have around 8% of the total.

Which still makes them, fortunately, pretty insignificant.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
28 Apr 2015 #11
So, Solidarity bloc has split into PO and PIS. If i understand this correctly, seams that former Solidarity and communists still clash for power in Poland, like it was 30 years ago. Just this time, situation is reversed, Solidarity is in power and communists are opposition.

Shaking Up Politics in Poland

03/02/2015 / The World Post

In Poland, the former Solidarity bloc has split into two main parties: the centrist Civic Platform (PO) and the more conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS). The former Communist party, Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), continues to poll around 10 percent.

It's not easy for new parties to gain a foothold in Poland. First they have to jump over the hurdles of party registration. Then they have to clear 5 percent of the vote to get into parliament. In 2011 the Palikot movement surprised everyone by catapulting into parliament with 10 percent of the vote. The movement was named after Janusz Palikot, who broke with the Civic Platform to create his own party. A maverick politician, he championed libertarian positions in favor of legalizing marijuana, supporting LGBT rights, and reducing the influence of the church in the secular sphere.

jon357 74 | 22,024
28 Apr 2015 #12
Fortunately the fascist nationalist "parties", both of you support don't even make 1% in any Polish election.

Yes. Unfortunately they make a disproportionate amount of noise. At least they aren't taken seriously.

Solidarity is in power and communists are opposition.

There are ex-Party people in almost all modern parties.

The movement was named after Janusz Palikot,

He's withdrawn more or less now. We should watch the Greens in the future.

PO for all their faults are good stewards of the economy, slightly less conservative on social issues than PiS, resist the more egregious demands of the church especially regarding in-vitro and are not anti-immigrationists.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
29 Apr 2015 #13
Maybe greatest mistake of Polish politics ever occurred in period 1521-1525. It was mistake to accept armistice with Teutonic Order, back in 1521. There in Krakow, Albrecht Hohenzollern Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, on his knees, paid tribute and swore allegiance to Polish King Sigismund I the Old.

Instead of peace, Poles needed to give war to the Teutons, Germanics and defeat them utterly, liberating that way many Slavs who thanks to that false peace with Teutons soon ended as germanized. In my opinion Poland had to give final blow to the mortal enemy that later recuperated and came back to finish what they started. It was historical failure with tragical consequences.

Prussian Homage by Jan Matejko

How is this serious? >

New pro-Russia party emerges in Poland

By Paulina Pacula, Warsaw, 23. Mar / euobserver

A new pro-Russia party has emerged on the Polish political scene and is hoping to scoop as much as 12 percent of votes in elections later this year.

Zmiana - meaning "change" - has a strong anti-American streak and supports Russian president Vladimir Putin's politics, seeing Russia as a natural ally for both Poland and the European Union.

i personally support better Polish-Russian relations.
Marsupial - | 880
5 May 2015 #14
From experience here in oz the left wing parties have done the most damage. They seem to have no national agenda at all letting in anyone. Their suporters are pro gay, pro drug, anti bible anti family and so the list goes on. With economic irresponsibility as one of their features they have been useless to our economy leaving us massive debt. Thankfully they committed political suicide and are gone. Poland needs to be careful not to elect such rubbish over there. I really hope they never do.

Crow- even I am for better relations with Russia but there is no chance of this while putin or anyone like him is running them. None whatsoever. Its up to the russian people to change thier country and get someone who can represent them and the spy, thief, nazi they have now iscopposite to requirement.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
6 May 2015 #15
Now, this looks like a real witch hunt. Kind of `Witch Hunt Policy` in which Russians are witches.

At the same time, article don`t ask what about eventual increase of activity of British, USA, French or German intelligence in Poland, for example. i know, Poland is in alliance with these countries but still, who can trust them, if we were to take in consideration historical lessons.

On the other side, hand on heart, Russians used to work with Germans (and with USA, France and Britain) behind the back of Poles. So now, this `Witch Hunt Policy` could be also understand as `Retaliating Sex Policy`.

Russian intelligence more active in Poland - report

May 4, 2015 / The Warsaw Voice

The Polish Internal Security Office ABW has noted a rising activity of Russian intelligence in Poland, whose aim is to advance the Kremlin's propaganda

The campaign is being run via Russian media and Polish citizens presenting a pro-Russian stance, sometimes for financial gratification.

`Retaliating Sex Policy`

more on that concept >>>

Poland and Germany for maintaining EU sanctions on Russia

April 28, 2015 / The Warsaw Voice


they probably said to each others: ``let`s put to Putin``; when girls starts to work against you this way, you know that you have a problem

Poland and Germany agree that for now there are no grounds for easing sanctions against Russia for its aggression on Ukraine, PM Ewa Kopacz said at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel who came to Poland on Monday for Polish-German government consultations.

JollyRomek 7 | 475
7 May 2015 #16
Well Crow, it is not just "two girls". They represent each others country and believe or not, the Poles don't have a very high opinion of Russia.

Looks like your beloved fantasy "Slavia" is falling apart before it even started. What a pity........
Marsupial - | 880
8 May 2015 #17
Yeah crow in some countries girls are important, just another backward aspect of russia.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
17 Oct 2016 #18
One can`t be happy if lose loyalty to ancestors. Increase loyalty to ancestors, pay the price and walk with dignity.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
27 Mar 2017 #19
By some recent signals, in my opinion, EU would try to secure Polish politics in direction of extremely anti-Russian stance. Here, EU would play on Catholic-Orthodox antagonism as much as possible and if possible. Most probably that EU (ie western Europe) wants Poland by the idea of Kanopisht.
Valentin W
28 Mar 2017 #20
This thread is absolutely hilarious as Polish government stopped being anything but total corrupt, nepotistic, Tory-like tits in 1993 tops. After a brief period of reforms and rebuilding the country's economy plus properly dealing with international relations, social benefit laws, privatisation and so on, it went straight to ******* levels of 'NOPE!' . No amount of theoretical knowledge will equal to actually living there and running away screamins when reaching adulthood as ... lots of people done, including me. Scotland's not ideal but at least I can afford food, not be hit by bricks when I hold hands with my boyfriend or not locked in a dark basement due to being disabled. Am certain Russia is more pro-women than Poland is as of course am a kid with a single mother (okay, older 'kid') and bloody hell - would be richer than Trump if I had a penny every time people hissed at women for no reason. As for party divisions and descriptions? They are all same level of fundamentalist far-right - some do lean to the centre with economy but otherwise they are about equal. Unfortunately current one in power is just outright neo-nazi but that gets lost in their pure idiocy of dealing with finances.

If you want to live there? Don't. Have relatives or friends there? Drag them away. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to ever affording anything, not living in fear, not being censored, not being totally alienated, having access to any services or finding logic in anything.

My first and last post here as not my kind of forum but posts here are some level of WTF.
OP Crow 155 | 9,025
15 Nov 2018 #21
Official Poland continuing anti-Serbian policy, aggravating relations even more. No love, no mercy for Racowie

In Serbian article that analyzes stance of countries regarding situation on Kosovo during session in UN security council, representative of Poland is said to have anti-Serbian position, against Serbian suggestion for more frequent talk about Kosovo situation in UN. This is very disturbing for Serbia and Serbs because local Kosovo Serbs seriously suffer under often attacks of Muslim extremists. Without international attention situation can easily escalate in regional and even wider conflict. Shockingly for Serbia`s FM present on session and for Serbia`s public, Poland`s representative in UN SC said how ``Poland follow situation on Kosovo and how is situation there peaceful, so there is no need for frequent UN meetings on Kosovo.``

source: Ko je bio "za", a ko "protiv" Srbije na sednici SB UN >>>


Predstavnica Poljske je rekla da njena zemlja prati situaciju na Kosovu i ocenila da je situacija mirna, tako da nema razloga za ovakvu učestalost sednica SB UN.

Told you. Duda puts Poland in service of Islamic league.

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