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Pistolet wz. 35 Vis (handgun built in Radom, Poland, 1938)

Szybkowski 5 | 10
19 Mar 2015 #1
Hello everybody, just wondering if there is further information available regarding the pistolet wz. 35 Vis built at Radom and its' service with the Poles and Germans, I have recently purchased one of these, original dated 1938 (Used to own a late war Steyr produced example but have since sold it), and would like to know more about their service history, i know they are a very highly regarded and sort after pistol in the United States and here in Australia. Not sure if any firearm enthusiasts here. Whom were they issued to? Any other images of this pistol in service 1935-44? Are they popular in Poland today? I'll attach a few images of mine also.

Looker - | 1,120
19 Mar 2015 #2
From 1935 VIS was the prescribed gun for the officers and NCOs of the Polish Army. This pistol was also a part of the Poland's police equipment. They were issued in the set with leather holsters fitted with two pockets for spare magazines.

The VIS gun was used in all the pre-war military formations. With the development of production they were successively assigned to the units. In June 1938 they were already in Polish armored units, cavalry and in aviation. Next, the pistols were received by the infantry, communication units and artillery. They were used in the Polish Navy (black holster was used together with the garrison and field outfit, in the guard of honor the holster was white). These guns also appeared in the Border Protection Corps.,pistolet-vis-wz35,12599

Polish soldier with VIS

And here yet another article with pictures:

Interesting fact - There have also been attempts on the use the gun as a machine gun, adapted to the serial fire (equipped with a high capacity magazine and included wooden flask, which simultaneously supposed to fulfill the function of carrying case). Unfortunately, the war interrupted the work started.

VIS with flask

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