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Did a lot of Hungarians moved to Poland during the partitions (1900?)

dominikus28 4 | 4    
27 Oct 2010  #1
I'm Polish but I was told by my grandfather, that my great great grandfather came from Hungary to Poland. I assume this happened during the partitions, approximately 1900. Is there any history to this? I am wondering whether there is a wider historical context to this or if that was just a random move by one person at that time? Did alot of Hungarians move like that, and if so, why? Unfortunately my grandfather is no longer alive, so I cannot ask him myself.

Looker - | 983    
28 Dec 2014  #2
I think that their destination wasn't Poland at that time - it was Austria. From 1867 to 1918 existed the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It might be the time when Hungarian people, in pursuit for better life, were migrated to Austrian areas which lay partly on previous Polish territory.

Then the lands becomed Polish again and the people who remained there assimilated into Poland..

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