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Israeli wants to wipe Poland off the map!

Crow 155 | 9,030
5 May 2018 #181
Ironically, more I exposing Anglo malevolence, more I becoming familiar with the English. Probably, they are a lot of malevolent and it giving me a lot of opportunities to learn.
Lyzko 45 | 9,281
5 May 2018 #182
Your enthusiasm for English is quite apparent in your often "creative" sentence structure and usage:-)
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
13 Jan 2019 #183
I miss Crow, has anyone seen him.

No, I am sure that Israel don`t wish to wipe Poland off the map.

I don't think so either Crow.
It baffles me why such a thread never got closed as anti sematic.
Happy Chanukah !
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
13 Jan 2019 #184
Happy Chanukah to you too!

Israel doesn't want to 'wipe Poland off the map.' Rather, Jews are seeking to colonize Poland gradually so the European Jews can start moving there as can Israeli Jews many of whom have Polish citizenship or at least build 2nd homes there along with the wealthy ones and execs who are slowly gobbling up shares and businesses. It's like the middle ages all over again. They're not very welcome anymore in places like France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc. thanks to all the cultural enrichment (which many Jews lead the push for as Barbara Spectre explains: so they're going to Poland. Hopefully the Poles won't allow them to push multi kulti pro homo crap like they have in w Europe and the USA. Poland has seen an explosion of Jews in the past few years especially. They can walk the streets wearing their yarmulkes without being accosted and even assaulted right away as in W. Europe. Also, the government seems very keen on kissing the Zionists and Israel's asses. Poles are so foolish. One famous or powerful Jew will call Poles anti-Semitic or say they're partially responsible for the holocaust on twitter or something and before you know it you have all these Polish politicians tripping over themselves to apologize, prove their not racist ad nauseum and show off all the monuments and statues and all sorts of other **** they built for Jews. Other E. European countries like Hungary, Slovakia, etc. don't fall for that I don't know why Poles are so foolish in this regard. All a Jew has to do is call Poland/Poles anti-Semitic especially if there's some sort of disagreement and they're wrapped them around their finger.
Lyzko 45 | 9,281
13 Jan 2019 #185
The Arab States want to wipe Israel off the map owing to a centuries, indeed millenia-old, misunderstanding concerning Palestine's primogeniture!
Countries DO share borders, after all:-)
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
13 Jan 2019 #186
are you Jewish Doug ?

My religion is of no import, just as your sexual orientation is no interest, unless we were speaking from a legal framework or such. I was lucky to have decent caring parents who brought me up to be tolerant of others.....come to think of i though, my father disliked Jehovah's witnesses for some reason...... and his Polish jewish colleague was his closest friend until later years , when he started spouting death to the Arabs and such talk. (the Israeli - not my parent.....)

Hope that answers your inquiry: extremist Poles and extremist Israelis should be put in a dark room together.
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
13 Jan 2019 #187
Hope that answers your inquiry

Actually it did not by the way you danced around a very simple yes or no question.
I was sure you had posted here before about you being Jewish.
However you are correct, if you don't care to share such information again then please don't.
I know how brutal some of the members here can be towards us Christians, not to imply that you are one.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
13 Jan 2019 #188
I was sure you had posted here before about you being Jewish.

Better ask Saul (or should I say Ziemowit, with his notes on every poster here who does not conform to his thinking). And it's difficult for a British person to comprehend the way that the next generation of Poles and Jews distrust each other, 75 years after the end of the war. It must be a case of familiarity breeds contempt. I'm more inclined to the view of Polish hysteria as to who has the greater victim role.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,278
13 Jan 2019 #189
Ziemowit, with his notes on every poster here who does not conform to his thinking

Your personal problems seem to be still unresolved, Doug, and - what is more to it - you seem to experience yet another identity crisis at the age of 60 or something in not wanting to say if you are a Jew or not. Even if I make notes on every poster who does not confirm to my thinking, your overwhelming sense of intolerance towards people who do not conform to your views is more than amazing. Basically, Polish people in Poland come first in that, closely followed by the Pol-Ams posting on this forum. Next come the Christians which fact - I believe - is an echo of the policies and deeds committed by Henry VIII.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
13 Jan 2019 #190
your overwhelming sense of intolerance towards people who do not conform to your views is more than amazing

Sorry - aren't you addressing Johnny. Dirk and the rest? I suggest you consult your notes as to racial and religious intolerance. Though, having said that I am fed up with this rabid catholic government who interfere with our lifestyle of course, forcing shops to close on a Sunday so they can get down on their hands and knees, but at the same time denying me being able to speak to the lads at Castorama and fit out my kitchen.

Said MPs have gofers to make their trips to Castorama for them. So I am intolerant towards those scum, yes.
mafketis 36 | 10,794
13 Jan 2019 #191
your overwhelming sense of intolerance towards people who do not conform to your views is more than amazing

He's really assimilated! He'll be lost back in the UK
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
13 Jan 2019 #192
So you are aware of the socio-political situation on the streets of England ? It's admirable that you take the bus, have done well, have learnt the language etc, but now you are also casting yourself as an expert on goings on in my homeland as well.

My word, you are a fountain of knowledge mafeketis. I take my hat off to you.
mafketis 36 | 10,794
14 Jan 2019 #193
Which is only right and proper!
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
14 Jan 2019 #194
Sorry - aren't you addressing Johnny. Dirk and the rest?

Come on Dougy, you Brits have ran the show here from the git go posting your Liberal Progressive Propaganda.
Why are not the Americans allowed to tell you that you are full of beans and present our side of the matters here ?
When you get out of your lane with your nasty intimidating Brit "brilliance" is when the problems start.

Better ask Ziemowit,

I can do that if I don't forget such important trivia.

with his notes on every poster here who does not conform to his thinking

You should see my huge file on the people who have abused me here.
Would you like me to post some of the abuse that you have thrown my way ?
I have a ton of it filed under, "Why I gave up drinking alcohol."
Now, for the love of the Moderators can we all get back on topic please.
Israel does not want to wipe Poland off the map, they want to wipe Iran off the map.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
14 Jan 2019 #195
This thread is about Israeli/Polish affairs. Not the United Kaliphate. Take it to the Brexit, random or European news threads.

But yes Israel doesn't want to wipe Poland off the map that much is true doug. Too much opportunity to give shekels to the good goys who allow a colonization. That ain't happening in Iran.

Doug I'll help you remodel your kitchen. No bs I can teach you what to do even online and give u a list of what to buy. I can send you some pics of.kitchens I've done in the past with all sorts of budgets from a few grand to a quarter mil fully automated cabinetry
Slavictor 6 | 193
15 Jan 2019 #196
I sure don't want to see Palestine wiped off the map, let alone Poland. It's a part of human history. But, "Israel" doesn't exist. No defined border, no ratification for and bribed into existence. It was an experiment in medieval type ethnic cleansing born out of terrorism and maintained by same; like the bird which steals anothers' nest with chicks still in it, kills them first then proceeds to build a nest right on top of them.

The very best thing that could occur, for everyone on planet Earth, are twenty squadrons of F18's and F-22's storming the skies overhead the entire area combined with two divisions of U.S. marines landing on the beaches of Tel Aviv and stating;

"Sorry guys, but it's over. All the tech you stole, which includes the nuclear weapons tech, and all the U.S. tax money given you returns with us. Intel manufacturing returns to the USA. We want all the backdoors you built into the chips and into Windows 10. There will be no marrying of the stolen technology to Chinese productive capacity. Forget the nutball grandiosity of a World centered on Israel via the Belt and Road. It's ok, no one will be harmed by us or by any of the surrounding countries. We'll stay here and make sure. We're the military here now, not the IDF. We'll leave the wall up, except for several planned openings in it, but the open air prison experiment is closed for good. Palestinians will exercise full right of return starting now, as per your past agreement. Full compensation to Palestinians is to be paid for any losses suffered at the hand of the Israeli government, no matter how long ago. Israel is to be a nice, quiet tourist destination where everyone can live and enjoy life peaceably. There will be a Nuremberg style trial for your leaders and those found guilty of war crimes and of crimes against humanity will be punished. We know this will please many a local resident and those in the diaspora for certain. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation."
Shitonya Brits
26 Feb 2019 #197
How you explain John Godson being elected to the Lodz City Council and then to the Sejm or openly gay elected politicians like Robert Biedron?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
26 Feb 2019 #198
Those aren't Poles who have distant ancestry. They are not immigrants. According to Wikipedia, Eminem is a Pole....

There's plenty of Americans with Polish last names that don't even know how their last name is properly pronounced. And you're going to tell me those people are representative of Poland/Poles?

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