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Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in Poland?

aphrodisiac 11 | 2,437
4 Apr 2010 #181
They may be not familiar with the term but are familiar with the principles. Saddam Hussein anyone?

you need to provide a better argument, otherwise I am not gonna take it seriously Bzibzi.

Ever visited any kibbutz in Israel? You should: very enlightening.

now you are skating on a thin ice.

I think Europe, like the rest of the world, cares only about herself.

I agree.

We can extend niceness occasionally to some other group or nationals but only if it doesn't cost us too much and isn't too much trouble. If the group start asking for too many privileges and start to bother us in any way - there is going to be trouble. I think Jews were mostly persecuted for their privileged position they achieved in every country they resided in and not just for their religion

I would like to remind you that you are in Canada, not in europe, and like many Jews you were at one point and still are a minority in Canada and you seem not to mind that you are treated like an equal. Very strange approach and I am puzzled by that to be honest.

I think Jews were mostly persecuted for their privileged position they achieved in every country they resided in and not just for their religion.

so the underlying cause was envy. I doubt very much that Jews solely occupied the privileged positions. There were many factors why Jews were disliked.

Did it ever occur to you that they fled not because of prosecution but because Poland was in ruin and not much of the business was to be made? So instead of helping to rebuilt Poland they choose the greener pastures. What's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yes, opportunists.

Possible, but they probably escaped because of the Ukrainian anti- semitism.
4 Apr 2010 #182
you need to provide a better argument, otherwise I am not gonna take it seriously Bzibzi.

An example of Saddam is good enough. Seriously.

now you are skating on a thin ice.

So are you as of now.

I would like to remind you that you are in Canada, not in europe, and like many Jews you were at one point and still are a minority in Canada and you seem not to mind that you are treated like an equal. Very strange approach and I am puzzled by that to be honest.

I didn't ask as a new immigrant for a religious accommodation, political, language or social changes. I accepted Canada as it is. What is so puzzling?

so the underlying cause was envy.

I don't agree. They were perceived too unfamiliar and even exotic with their traditions to be envied. I can't imagine an average Pole in XIX century thinking "I wish I was Jewish".
Seanus 15 | 19,674
4 Apr 2010 #183
Well, there are plenty so-called tyrants and dictators that believed in communism. Pol-Pot, Milosevic, Lusashenko and Stalin spring to mind. There are others. Hitler wasn't a communist, though. He had a more radical vision.

Hitler had a lot of anger from his childhood and the Jews represented a stubborn and ideological threat. They were used to success, sth he felt that he was denied. They were also too much into their own way, a way that Hitler couldn't stomach.

Where is Jewland on the map? Nowhere, exactly. Israel is not an exclusively Jewish country. The displacement of Jews was inevitable and Hitler couldn't accept that Germany would have its fair share of them, living in their own particular and non-conformist ways. He needed people to follow his vision.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,854
4 Apr 2010 #184
Terrorism was not a Muslim invention and as far as I know Irish were the leaders in that department due the the ethnic tension in NI/Ireland. One needs to look into the causes of Muslim terrorism and I always look at the terrorism as a sign of desperation.

What is this grabage? Are you talking the p*ss or are you for real?

My 8 year old brother wouldnt come out with this waffle.
king polkagamon
4 Apr 2010 #186
Irish terorrism Serbian terorrism are very noble and target straight the responsible.They don\'t blow up innocent people.
time means 5 | 1,309
4 Apr 2010 #187
Irish terorrism

They don\'t blow up innocent people.

What a ******* idiot! Ever here of Warrington, Eniskilling or Omagh for three.
Ironside 53 | 12,448
4 Apr 2010 #188
What a ******* idiot!

hey its southern you are talking to:)
Marek11111 9 | 808
4 Apr 2010 #189
who was first terrorist Jews according to this link
ThePotatoe 2 | 38
4 Apr 2010 #190
DariuszTelka 5 | 193
4 Apr 2010 #191
Guzzler, thanks for the story, it's always interesting to read such events and histories!

cry me a river. If I was a mod, I would suspend you for racism and spreading hate.

Thank the higher powers that you're not then...this forum would be rather dull. It would be you, Lodz the boat and Rock holding hands singing "Kum-ba-yah". Everyone else would be suspended because they hurt your feelings.

Please point out to me where I have been racist. You know, by today's standard, you're a racist too, from the post you just wrote. You attacked me because of my ethnic minority background. Should I "cry me a river" to the moderator like you do, or should I just get on with actually debating. I find links, I tell personal stories and I give actual facts when I say what I say. What do you do? You whine and cry and say words like "racist", and you know you've lost the debate when the racist card comes out. That's the card that comes out when you don't have anything else to contribute to the debate and just want to shut someone up. Racist...racist...racist...The word has lost it's meaning. Why don't you actually debate me instead of calling me names.

according to you Poles are victims of Jewish people and how could Jews do that to Polish people since Polish people gave them home, blah, blah.

"Blah blah"? This is what you say after thousands of polish patriots risked their lives to save YOUR family, other poles' families AND jews? Their reward was a bullet in the head and being dumped in unmarked graves! And you call yourself a pole? You should f**ing show some respect, aphrodisiac. If it wasn't for them you would have been named Vladimir or Gunther, and there would be NO POLAND, where you could sit on your ass in your complete ignorance, having the freedom THEY gave you. You are truly a disgrace to your country, and your history teacher should be suspended if he or she didn't make this clear enough for you.

What I meant about the jewish people not assimilating into polish life is that still after hundreds of years in predominant catholic country, they still maintained their religion and their culture. That takes determination and a collective mind. This does not always come out positively, but it does as far as keeping your faith and your people being jewish. But it also shows the ethnic people of that country (The jews lived in many different countries for hundreds of years), that they are not accepting the country in which they live in, their religion and ways of life, and that they want to stay seperate and keep their own traditions. This is fine, but this will bring animosity or scepticism from the general population, which in times of war can come out in the ugliest forms. On both sides. How do you come to the conclusion that I think it was a good thing that Hitler killed the jews? First you concoct up something I never said by "reading between the lines", then you conclude that I'm an anti-semite, a racist and a hater. I know people who debate like this. They are usually communists or staunch anti-racists who see racism behind every bush. Are you such a person, aphrodisiac?

I don't dislike your posts as much as you dislike Muslims, Jews so far.

I don't dislike muslims because they are muslims, and I don't dislike jews because they are jews. I dislike people who act in such a way, as to undermine the land they live in, break the laws of that land, and betray the people who have given them shelter. Muslim, jewish, Sikh or whatever. In this category many muslims and jews unfortunately can be found. If I point this out, am I the hater? If I show you concrete examples, dozens of them, even hundreds of them, is it my fault for sharing them with you? Do you not want to see the truth, even it hurts your feelings? If it goes against what you believe? Do you want to live in darkness, like the muslims? Do you want to live in eternal pain, like the jews? I don't, and I don't want them to bring their religious and historical baggage into my country, and use it against me and my people, in order to somehow carve themselves out a lifestyle on my countrys behalf. Which at a later date will become the death of my people, like it did with the jews in Poland before, during and after the second world war.

Poland would not have an Auschwitz as we know it today, if not for the jewish people. There would be no Katyn massacre, no Koniuchy Massacre and no Naliboky massacre, just to mention some. There would be no dark cellars where polish officers, soldiers and patriots, men and women, young and old, met their fate alone. Where threats to kill their families, with gruesome torture by the jewish NKVD, was followed by a bullet to the back of the skull. Betrayed by the same people they fought so heroically for to save, while risking everything themselves. There would be no trains to Siberia where life would end in the cold winters. Why was it that the jews who lived closer to the Soviet border would greet the russians by kissing their tanks and preparing welcome seremonies like "flowered arches", for the red army when it entered Poland? Why did jewish gangs and thugs kill polish soldiers and innocent poles in the cities they lived in, when they knew they could get away with it? Where was their "humanity", that they so often ask for themselves?

Stories about jewish murderers of poles;

The names behind communism, the names behind the murders and the names behind the real hate, in my eyes, are not polish, but jewish. Let's turn it around, and let me give some praise to the Tatars who in the eye of the storm protected Poland from her enemies. If the jews fought alongside the poles against the germans and the russians all the way, until the bitter end, then maybe there would be no "Jedwabne" or "Kielce" pogroms. Maybe the jews would be seen upon with great respect and admiration by the poles for protecting their common land. Like the Tatars are today. Why are these pogroms so focused on, while the jews' role in killing hundreds of thousands of poles, just because they were christian poles, overseen? Why were jews overrepresented in communist organizations, by counting for as many as 65% of the communist membership in Warszawa before the war, and over 50% in the communist youth of Poland? This even though they only constituted for 10% of the population!

Here are some well known jewish communists who operated in Poland;

Jozef Swiatlo, - Izak Fleischfarb - Who arrested priests and sent them to torture camps, like he did on 25 September 1953, when Stefan Wyszynski, the cardinal and protector of the Armia Krajowa, was imprisoned in the monastery in Komancza, in the Bieszczady Mountains. While imprisoned, the Cardinal observed the brutal torture and mistreatment of the detainees, some highly perverse in nature.

Roman Romkowski - Menasze Gr├╝nszpan - Kikiel - Worked for the butcher Levrenty Beria, responsible for the Katyn forest murders, where 22 000 officers, soldiers, doctors and priests were brutally murdered by the NKVD. He was a close ally, and was his personal contact in Poland after the war.

Jozef Rozanski - Josek Goldberg - Who personally tortured and helped murder one of polands biggest heros, Cavalry Captain Pilecki, and who was known as one of the most brutal secret police interrogators, tortured and helped murder hundreds of patriotic poles.

Boleslaw Bierut - Who sentenced hundreds of polish war heros to death, including the aformentioned "the hero of Auschwitz", Witold Pilecki. He also arrested and imprisoned General Stanislaw Tatar.

Jacob Berman - Stalins right hand and responsible for deciding who lived and who died in Poland for almost ten years. (The choice of Berman to head up the polish secret police by Stalin, was connected with his Jewish origins, which exonerated him from suspicion of Polish patriotism and advocacy of Poland's independence. Stalin regarded the Jews as cosmopolites, whose loyalties would be to Zionism rather than the country of their residence ... [KORBANSKI, p. 73]).

The Bielski gang - killed, raped and looted thousands of polish peasants and resistance fighters, and participated in the treacherous disarmament of Polish partisans by the Soviets in 1943, helping directly in the executions of polish soldiers.

Julia Brystiger - Julia Preiss - Who claimed that all intelligensia of Poland needed to be exterminated and helped in doing so.

Anatol Fejgin - Tortured and helped murder numerous poles. "Symbolized", Stalins terror in Poland.

What do all the above have in common? They were all born in Poland. They are but a small contigent from the thousands that existed. What would you call them? I would call them traitors.

"Stephan Korbanski also notes that the Soviet Communist secret police-team assembled by Berman [whose brother Adolf was chairman of the Jewish Committee in Poland till 1947, when he immigrated to Israel] [CHECINSKI, M., 1982, p. 85] at the beginning of his rule were all Jewish -- Vice Minister Natan Grunsapau-Kikiel (Roman Romkowski) [who once interrogated Korbanski], and other high officials like General Julius Hibner (David Schwartz), Anatol Fejgin, security police chief Joseph Swiatlo, Joseph Rozanski (Goldberg), 'Colonel

Czaplicki,' and Zygmut Okret. These were not the only Jewish officials who oppressed Poles in the name of communism. Victor Klosiewicz, a member of the Communist Council of State, has stated that 'it was unfortunate that all the department directors in the Ministry of State were Jews.'" [KORBANSKI, p. 78]

Our neighbouring countries had their own, Russia had Lenin, Trotsky, Apfelbaum, Wallach, Andropov, Sverdlov, Yurovsky, Kaganovich, Bronsteins, Frankel, Firin, Rappoport and thousands more. Hungary had Bela Kun, who machine gunned all the hungarian prisoners of war who refused to join the red army, and Rakosi, Yugoslavia had Moshe Pijade. Estonia had Hans Grabbe who murdered most of the estonian officers, and it was Herman Gutkin and Viktor Feigin who marched through the streets and tore down estonian flags replacing them with the soviet red flags after the Soviet army took over in 1940. Hirsch Aisenstadt, who was the chairman of the Jewish cultural autonomy in Estonia admitted that the jews were the worst perpetraters of crimes, amongst other things they had Stella Schliefstein, who torturered her victims by "Tearing up their victims arm and leg muscles", and the jewish dentist Budas, "Used to scald victims' hands and feet in boiling water so that their swollen skin hung loose like gloves or socks". But I'm digressing, back to Poland;

"As Piotr S. Wandycz of Yale University observes, "The average Pole could not but notice in the Stalinist era that the two most powerful men in the country-Berman and Minc-were both Jewish as was the dreaded security official Rozanski." (N.Y. Review of Books, Aug. 18, 1983, p. 51)."

"Chodakiewicz noted that some 3500 to 6500 Poles died in late 1940s because of Jewish denunciations or were killed by Jews themselves".

"A recent study by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance showed that out of 450 people in director positions in the Ministry between 1944 and 1954, 167 (37.1%) were of Jewish ethnicity, while Jews made up approximately 1% of the post-war Polish population."

Of the poles killed in Katyn were; An admiral, two generals, 24 colonels, 79 lieutenant colonels, 258 majors, 654 captains, 17 naval captains, 3,420 NCOs, seven chaplains, three landowners, a prince, 43 officials, 85 privates, and 131 refugees. Also among the dead were 20 university professors (including Stefan Kaczmarz); 300 physicians; several hundred lawyers, engineers, and teachers; and more than 100 writers and journalists as well as about 200 pilots. In all, the NKVD executed almost half the Polish officer corps. Altogether, during the massacre the NKVD murdered 14 Polish generals. (From Wikipedia). "Blah blah", aphrodisiac? I wonder if you would say that to the last survivors of the generation that survived the slaughter of our finest men and women.

Some exerpts about jews and their lives in Poland;

"In prewar Poland," notes Wladyslaw Krajewski, a Polish Jew, "... the majority of Jews did not regard themselves as Poles. Growing up for the most part in Jewish environments, they observed only the Jewish customs and religion, spoke only Yiddish at home, and generally spoke Polish poorly." [Krajewski, 96-97] Norman Salsitz describes growing up in a Jewish community in a Polish town and discovering that many Jews did not even know what the Polish flag looked like. [Salsitz, N., 1992, 73] In 1936, Jewish voting patterns in Poland (in their self-governing kehillah organizations) revealed a 38 percent vote for the Bund party (a group emphasizing a Jewish, as opposed to Polish, identity), 36 percent vote for Zionist lists (the return to Israel group), and religious Orthodox (religiously anti-Gentile) and "middle-class" groups at about 23 percent. [Gitelman]"

Chaim Bermant notes:

"In Poland, the Jews became so numerous, prosperous and entrenched, that
they began to lose something of their caution. Their whole economy was based
mainly on the arenda system under which they became tax farmers and collectors
for the crown, or lessees of the forests, estates, mills and salt mines of the
nobility. Some operated on a large scale, many on a small scale, leasing a few
acres of land, or operating a small distillery or tavern, but their utility to their
superiors rested in their powers of extraction. The peasantry, the work force,
the cattle, the land, were all regarded in much the same light and were pressed
for their maximum yield, and if the nobility were thus the ultimate exploiters,
the Jews were the visible ones and aroused the most immediate hostility. Rabbis
warned that Jews were sowing a terrible harvest of hatred, but while the revenues
rolled in the warnings were ignored. Moreover, the rabbis themselves were
beneficiaries of the system." [BERMANT, C., 1977, p. 26]

There can be many reasons why the average pole did not look too favourable upon the jew, and the two links I just posted can maybe answer a little bit of that. Imagine, a people that lives among you, people that you see every day, they are found to be overrepresented in the ideological nightmare called communism, supporting your biggest enemy. They partake in the fall of the russian empire and the installement of revolutionary men like Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin, who's ideological leaders Marx and Engels' professed that "slavs are to be exterminated". They are all the masterminds and responsible for the Holodomor, where millions of ukrainians are murdered by either bullets or starvation. Where whole villages were wiped out in the late 20's and early 30's. After this, they move on to your border, they start agitating and becoming more and more involved in the same politics in Poland. The everyday pole would be very wary of these people and their ways. You know what they did during the russian revolution, the bloody purges, the starvation and the inhumane behaviour. You know that many of them are jewish, and you now know that they are in your own country as well. Imagine after Katyn, how would you feel if you knew some of the killed there? A captain, maybe your uncle or your neighbour. A priest, maybe the priest from your town? How about the local doctor who saved your little sister when she was ill. Now they are all gone, brutally murdered and thrown into nameless pits. Who does this? and why? They were killed because they were ethnic and christian poles. You know that this idelology was created by jews, that they have the highest positions in the secret police and the army. That they control the personal papers of all you countrymen, who get's to live, who get's to be tortured and who get's to die. You know their names. When a time comes for you to take revenge, will you not do it? Will you remain silent and let someone else do the justice for you? It's the second world war, and your country is in ruins. Concentration camps are everwhere, to the west the germans kill you, and to the east the soviets do the same. The secret police can come knocking at any time, will your neighbour give you up for food, money or for their safety? When people who were born in your country, that grew up in your neighbourhoods, who went to school with your and who's family reaped the benefits of your generous country, can turn against you in such a way, does that not tell you something about them? Will it not give you scepticism about them? Resentment? Hatred?

If this goes on for hundreds of years, in the end the friction, the suspiciousness and the bitterness from the locals will culminate. As it did during the second world war. If this afterwards is called "anti-semitism" and said to be done "just because they were jews", is for the individual to decide. It's like only getting to know one side in a courtcase. Many a times I have sided with the person who got to tell his grief, but that was until I heard the other side, and which put a completely different light on things. This is human nature, and I believe many people only get to hear the jewish side of things. But when you read about how the jewish people acted for hundreds of years, how they made a living, and in the end, how they treated the same people who were willing, and who did give their lives for them, one has to understand how those things came to happen. Why did the jewish people experience expulsion and condemnation from all over Europe throughout history? Kings, popes, priests, historians, mayors and farmers have all told their stories of their encounters with the jews, and it is not a pleasant read, nor does it put a favourable light on them. Were they all anti-semites? Hitler and national-socialism did not exist in Norway, when they drafted the constitution in 1814, the second paragraph concluded that "jews are not permitted in Norway". What about the Egyptians? Were they nazis too?

All of this is not written because of my "hatred for the jews", as posters like "aphrodisiac" would say, but to bring light to the cause of the events that would happen in Poland when jews either lost, or regained power, and there was civil unrest. You are right on one thing though, aphrodisiac, there would be enough tears to cry us a river for our brave men and women who died at the hands of those they thought were their friends. And by the way, it's not the jews that I'm "afraid" of, they are not ethnic poles, they don't want to be, and never will be. I don't expect anything from them. But you aphrodisiac, you're the one I worry about, because if Poland can't depend on her own people to protect her, like you, then we are doomed to repeat history.

On one hand it prides me that my little country by the sea was the most tolerant state in the world on the other hand it doesn't surprise me at all. We've always been ahead of everybody else in Europe. :P

You sure you want to go that this way, MareGaea? Why didn't you include the fact that your country will soon look like one of your former colonies, and that tolerance only goes as far as critizing the muslims, when if you do, you will find yourself in front of a judge, faster than you can say "Hot verdomme!". Or maybe dead on the street with a knife in your chest with some arabic writings on it. A once great nation reduced to third world immigrants rioting in the streets and a right wing extremist as your next prime minister. (If he's not in jail for hatespeech). That is way ahead of anybody else in Europe! Yey!

Seanus 15 | 19,674
4 Apr 2010 #192
I suggest that some heed the messages of Dariusz. His warnings are not pie-in-the-sky emotional outbursts, they are rational and well thought through for the most part. Although not their fault, the Jews brought the Nazis to Poland. Hitler may have been off his rocker towards the end of his life but he knew what he was doing in the Final Solution. Any dictator feels that they have to crush threats and that's just what he did.
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
9 Apr 2010 #193
You sure you want to go that this way, MareGaea?

Sorry for replying this late, just so this mighty post.

First of all, the problem is not as big as it's been presented abroad. I've been to NL several times last year and if I were to believe all the negative reports I read online from sources abroad, it would be one heck of a civil war going on in our streets. I've been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague, but it was all peace and quiet there. Well, as far as peace and quiet for big cities can go of course. The problem is much overrated by one politician out for power. He wants to turn our little country into a one-party system and hush all dissenting voices down by threats of violence.

Secondly, it's not "Hot verdommen", but "Godverdomme".

Thirdly, we do have laws against discrimination and that is a good thing. It's by far not true that our country gets overrun by muslims and 3rd worlders. The image that it is, is the product of the same hate mongering politician and is a figment of his imagination.

Fourthly, most Dutch don't agree to this politician and you can see that in the months towards the elections on the 9th of June, he is slowly but surely losing ground and it wouldn't surprise me at all that come election time, he is nowhere because he knows he cannot maintain this stance.

Fifthly, NL is still the most tolerant country in the world and on average about 30 to 40 years ahead of most other countries. And that is something to be proud of. I am truly and sincerely proud of that.

Lastly, our "future prime minister" (as he likes to call himself) will never be prime minister. We Dutch have enough common sense to let this idiot not get in the prime minister's seat. You can already see it in the cities where he participated in the elections. No other party wants to co-operate with him and his movement and it will die a silent death soon. Oh, and indeed, should he be convicted of hate mongering (which he does), he can, according to the Dutch constitution never become prime minister anyway. So there is nothing to fear.

In other words, it's not as bad as one is led to believe.

Although not their fault, the Jews brought the Nazis to Poland.

That is outright nonsense, Seanus. What's wrong with you lately? You know that it was the quest for Lebensraum and eventually the conquest of Russia that made him conquer Poland? Lebensraum was exclusively planned in the East, so, even if there weren't any Jews in PL, he would've attacked the country rather sooner than later anyway, also given the loaction of Eastern Prussia, surrounded by Poland. Also, Hitler and his henchmen they could go to work killing Jews with more bestiality in the East than in the West as he knew that in the West this would never be tolerated. And since he wanted to maintain those Western states for future use as vassal states, he was better off keeping any unrest at bay in order to have them useful later on. The East was planned for Lebensraum, so basically to Hitler it didn't matter what happened there. The Slavs were intended as Slaves at best and that there were so many Jews there was merely a bonus to him - more Jews meant more cleansing, ergo a bigger chance to rid the world of the Jews.


M-G (notices a roughening in Seanus' point of view - the detention he suffered has roughed up his feathers, I guess)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
9 Apr 2010 #194
M-G, read, re-read and read again the statement which you quoted me on. Hitler had a major beef (litote of the year) with Jews and they inadvertently brought the Nazis to Poland. There were many Jews here, thus easy pickings for Hitler. I expressly said that the Jews were not at fault here, Hitler merely seized the opportunity to eliminate easy prey in a neighbouring country. Can't you see what I'm saying? I'm towing the main line, not some far-fetched conspiratorial guff.

Taking on Russian Jews would have been a damn sight harder. Firstly, Germany doesn't border Russia and, secondly, Russia was far more potent than Poland.

Seanus (is miffed at M-G)
Sokrates 8 | 3,345
9 Apr 2010 #195
could go to work killing Jews with more bestiality in the East than in the West as he knew that in the West this would never be

Still a focking moronic racist arent you? Of course it was tolerated, France was far more anti-semitic then any other country in Europe bar Germany.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
9 Apr 2010 #196
And only the current proliferation of Muslim issues has swayed them from that position. France is still relatively anti-Semitic and a plethora of cases against Muslims does little to detract from that.

Hitler was not going to be dissuaded from his visions, M-G.
Stu 12 | 515
9 Apr 2010 #197

As someone who lives in the NL, I can second what M-G is saying. Although Wilders' party won in two cities, his party doesn't really seem to be interested to look for a coalition to form a city council.

What I meant about the jewish people not assimilating into polish life is that still after hundreds of years in predominant catholic country,

The same goes for a lot of Polish people living in the Netherlands, not that they are Jewish, but they don't accept the country in which they live, they stay seperate and keep their own traditions. And they don't learn the language either (since most of the Dutch speak English and German anyway, so why should they bother).
1jola 14 | 1,879
9 Apr 2010 #198
Also, Hitler and his henchmen they could go to work killing Jews with more bestiality in the East than in the West as he knew that in the West this would never be tolerated.

I come across this kind of idiotic statement only from some idiotic Jews who I see you decided to join. As to your pride of NL's tolerance, that's funny, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs doesn't share your enthuziasm:

The historian Nanda van der Zee summed this up in 1997: "The vain national self-image of the most tolerant people on earth, which had assisted its Jewish fellow-citizens so 'charitably,' was corroded in the 1960s when another generation born after the war started to ask questions."

It gets much worse:

The percentage of Jews from The Netherlands murdered by the Germans and their associates in World War II was higher than in any other Western European country.

In their preparations for the extermination of the Jews living in The Netherlands, the Germans could count on the assistance of the greater part of the Dutch administrative infrastructure.

They even have a suggestion:

The time has come to provide a more balanced view of Dutch behavior during World War II. One could imagine the construction of a "Museum of Dutch War Failures" next to the Anne Frank house, to be visited with the same ticket.
violetta 2 | 22
9 Apr 2010 #199
Wroclaw Boy

Or for that matter, why did he kill so many Poles, Gypsies, Czechs, Russians, etc?

Not JUST the Jews died at his hands...
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
10 Apr 2010 #200
Hitler had a major beef (litote of the year) with Jews

Well, that's pretty clear and I don't deny that at all. Hitler invaded Poland not because of the Jews initially. Lebensraum was the main concern here. Like I said before, the fact that PL had many Jews was a bonus, not the main target.

Although not their fault, the Jews brought the Nazis to Poland.

I have read and re-read your statement. So, what is the issue here?

Still a focking moronic racist

I have stopped taking you seriously a long time ago.

I come across this kind of idiotic statement only from some idiotic Jews who I see you decided to join

How about Catholics abusing little children? Haven't heard you made any clear statement about that, beside definding Catholic child abusers.

Although Wilders' party won in two cities

What solutions does he have?


M-G (doesn't have a beef with Seanus, however, wonders what is going on)
lesser 4 | 1,311
10 Apr 2010 #201
How about Catholics abusing little children? Haven't heard you made any clear statement about that, beside definding Catholic child abusers.

Haven't heard you about Jews and atheists abusing children? You did not condemn them What is wrong with you?
Marek11111 9 | 808
12 Apr 2010 #202
hey did you hear about Jews abusing the Palestinians?
1jola 14 | 1,879
12 Apr 2010 #203
How about Catholics abusing little children? Haven't heard you made any clear statement about that, beside definding Catholic child abusers.

Your debating tactics are embarassing. The long, thoughtful post by Dariusz is obviously uncomfortable to you so you change topics and now want to talk about rabbis and priests abusing kids. Well, maybe not so much about the rabbis. Buzia.
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
12 Apr 2010 #204
The long, thoughtful post by Dariusz is obviously uncomfortable to you so you change topics and now want to talk about rabbis and priests abusing kids.

Well, you really want me to recall your post in the thread about the CC being investigated concerning child abuse? That thread was about priests within the CC abusing kids, which is well over the news lately. You started about rabbis doing the same, like that would make it right for Catholic priest to do so.

I reacted to Dariusz' post and if you read well, you would know that. You would also know in that case that in some previous post I have condemned Jewish child molesters as well, but it's just typical that hardly any decent reaction from the Polish camp comes forward where it concerns such a big scandal as child abuse and the consequent cover-up by the CC. Instead, again, the CC is kinda defended and fingers get pointed at the Jews (a very convenient alien group to use and re-use to blame everything on) with statements that rabbis abuse children too. I know there are rabbis who do this and again, they should rot in jail, just like any other child abuser. But pointing the finger at Jewish rabbis while ignoring the scandal in your own church is a bit lame and raises the suspicion that you are actually condoning child abuse, as long as it's within the CC. And as long as you haven't given a clear statement what your stance is on this issue, without diverting the attention to -again- the Jews, I will assume that you think it's ok for priests to abuse children.


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12 Apr 2010 #205
Look at the thread tittle, muffin.
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
12 Apr 2010 #206
Answer the question.


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13 Apr 2010 #208
Ozzy Osbourne:
Funny how people say Jews like communism. Just because Trotsky was a jew, it doesn't mean Jews like the communist thinking.

It wasn't just Trotsky. Here's a few more:

Russian Names... Communist Jews, All.

We have Marxist Jews in the USA, too.

In future please do not copy/paste from other sites. Link to your source and add up to 100 words quoted from that site.
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
13 Apr 2010 #209
We have Marxist Jews in the USA, too.

Oh gee, how do you ever survive?

Anyway, that's a huge list you scrabbled together there. Now, can you give me a list of all the Russian non-Jews who participated?


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richasis 1 | 418
13 Apr 2010 #210
that's a huge list you scrabbled together there

I am glad you appreciate my effort. :)

Now, can you give me a list of all the Russian non-Jews who participated?

That would be deviating from the issue I addressed, which is:

Funny how people say Jews like communism. Just because Trotsky was a jew, it doesn't mean Jews like the communist thinking.

Since this is PolishForums, allow me to share the thoughts of a prominent Polish Jew:

"Fighting anti-Semitism seems to be for some Jews more important than any other expression of Jewishness ... The danger appears when one becomes dependent upon them for one's identity, so that one begins to need anti-Semitism." - Dr. Stanislaw Krajewski

And, for good measure, here are a couple of more thoughts from Jewish Intellectuals:

"All critics of Jews should not be tagged as anti-Semites. We are not a nation of Christs, Spinozas, and Einsteins; that the Nazis are brutes does not make us angels ... Criticism is not the same as hatred, and critics are not our enemies. The greatest friends of a people are not those who praise but those who honestly find fault. A people without criticism is either a dictatorship or a community so deeply embedded in smug self-satisfaction as to be on the road to decadence." - William Zuckerman, Jewish author

"The far-reaching consequences of the [Jewish] martyr complex go beyond any effect of the individual Jew ... and do not leave unmarked even the most sympathetically inclined Gentiles. Since the Jew is hypersensitive on the subject of his Judaism, Gentiles fear to offer constructive criticism lest they be accused of prejudices. Thus the Jew is denied the benefit of honest evaluation of the very real differences and prejudices existing ... I believe we Jews will never be normal individuals so long as we foster our martyr complex, so long as we remain evasive of self-appraisal and self-improvement, and so long as it is easier to blame the other fellow for our own faults." - Maurice M. Feurlich, Jewish author

So you see, I really am a Gentile who is actually a friend to the Jew. Really. :)

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