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Poland Army (Haller) - the American Campaign Medal

Da Bears 1 | 2
9 Dec 2017 #1
Haller Army. Hello! My grandfather served in the army and I have a medal question. This medal is not the American Campaign Medal but is in the shape of a cross with a dark center. I thought this medal was just a reunion medal of sort but looking at Lifes Magazines picture of Detroit veterans some of them have this same medal. My grandfather lived in Ct. Thanks!
kaprys 3 | 2,266
9 Dec 2017 #2

If that's not it, try googling the Cross of Valour and the Cross of Merit.
ZigZag - | 2
19 Jun 2019 #3

Hallers Army.

I know what troop ship my grandfather was on the SS Antigone when he came back to the USA but what about the French troop ships that left for France from Canada.

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