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Animated, moving map of Poland (past to present)?

Polonius3 994 | 12,367
30 Nov 2011 #1
A while ago someone ran an animated map (dunno if that's the right term) of Poland from its inception down to the present where the borders were shown constantly changing. I am at a loss to find it. Could someone re-run it please?
OP Polonius3 994 | 12,367
4 Dec 2011 #3
Thanks, but there was another moving map which was better. I recall it being green or something. The dates were shown as the map changed.
polishgreatness 1 | 5
3 Mar 2013 #4
Merged: Searching for animated video of Polish History

I am looking for a special animated video about Polish history. I do not know the name of the graphics company that produced it. Please let me describe a portion of this video. The video begins with the appearance of a gigantic terrifying monster. Its not any identifiable shape, but like a huge blob made of sharp swords and knives, cutting a path through Polish territory - representative of the Nazi invaders. There are also segments of Stalin breathing fire and the two invaders plunging knives into the map of Poland. I do not know who composed the music, which is Excellent. I would describe it as techno sound, with a very foreboding tone. If anyone has a copy of this video, I would very much appreciate it if you would share it with me. Or if you know the production company that made it and how I could get in touch with them! Thank you!!
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
3 Mar 2013 #5
There's that famous "animted history of poland in 10 minutes" (or something along these lines) which you can easily find on YT, it was also posted here on PF... but it rather doesn't fit into your description, generally If the video you are talking about is popular, It should be somewhere on You Tube.
polishgreatness 1 | 5
9 Mar 2013 #6
Thank you Grzegorz for your help. But I have seen the video of "animated history of poland in 10 minutes". It is excellent! But I was looking for another video that is even more awesome! I just have to keep looking.... Best Regards!

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